Passive Income Opportunity : DOP Confirmed Airdrop (Completely Free)

By Astroboy13 | CryptoByte | 26 Dec 2023

With many airdrops happening around (Jito, Pyth Network), it seems that there is a hype around airdrops. Today, we are looking into one of them : Data Ownership Protocol (DOP).


What is DOP ?

DOP is a blockchain built on Ethereum that aims to bring more privacy without compromising the security of the blockchain (which is known for its transparency) for potential criminals who might use DOP to hide illegal transactions.

They plan to achieve their goal with Zero Knowledge proofs that will allow them to create proofs verifying user information without revealing their identity. Instead of conducting regular KYC that asks for a lot of private information, they take a different approach.

They also work with white hats (good hackers who help find vulnerabilities on the network) and legal firms to legitimize themselves in the eyes of regulators.

Confirmed Airdrop

Earlier this year, DOP announced on their X account an airdrop for users that complete their testnet :

1*kAJR1lpn0fI2Z5SORv_4lA.png Source : Twitter (X)

To complete the testnet you have to go here, where there will be 8 tasks that are really simple to achive and don’t require any money.

1*9RJkjLRm5V1gGv0rTh8ZVg.png Source : DOP Testnet

You’ll need to create a DOP wallet, connect your Metamask to Sepolia where you’ll receive tokens that will help you with the tasks. It’s very guided so it’s pretty easy to complete, if you have any trouble you can refer to this video that the team made.

To be completely transparent with you, in the first step where you need to connect your Twitter, I recommend you do it with an alt account because of this :


Yeah… I kind of ironic for a privacy blockchain if you ask me.

Also, there’s the 8th step to complete the testnet where you’ll have to invite 3 friends. However, they just need to create a wallet, so you don’t have to be very persuasive.

1*WDLedIjDN0jCsVftF9hUxw.png Source : DOP Testnet 1% will be allocated for the airdrop : 1*MEAI_YsJ0wpjDnSpST3tzA.png Source : DOP Whitepaper

The mainnet is expected to launch Q1 of 2024 ! It will be worth to keep an eye on !

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And you ? What airdrop are you exited about ?

As Always thank you for reading !

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