APhone: Decentralized Cloud Phone, Powered By Aethir (+Surprise ?)

By Astroboy13 | CryptoByte | 15 Jun 2024

A few weeks ago, I talked to you about a project called Aethir. They recently conducted an airdrop that was pretty nice. Let’s see in this article one of their most ambitious products : APhone

1*8ceVNAchfTm6wzfpP8nhSQ.png Source : APhone.com

What Is APhone?

Basically, it’s a decentralized cloud-based smartphone (non-physical phone) that allows you to access a high-quality phone, enabling you, for example, to play games with high performance due to the integrated GPU. Here is an infographic I made to describe it :


You can use it as a normal phone, you just need an internet connection to access it. Here is a quick look :


How To Access APhone?

To get your hands on APhone, you will need to have a 1-year Pass NFT that costs 0.2 $SOL with an invite code. At the time of writing, this is equivalent to $28.2.

After the activation of the Pass, the NFT will be burned. Right now, all of the Passes are sold out.


$PHONE (Airdrop)

$PHONE will be the in-app currency for the APhone ecosystem. I will dive deeper into the tokenomics in another article.


As you can see, 55% of the total supply will be allocated to an airdrop program that will last 4 years with multiple seasons. The first season is already here, and soon the airdrop will happen : “Season 1 will be the initial alpha test phase for APhone, with access granted only via invite codes. 10% of the total supply $PHONE will be used as incentives during Season 1.”

10% of the total supply ! That’s quite a lot, and it’s just the beginning. More allocation is on the way. After the Aethir Cloud Drop, it’s going to be the APhone Airdrop ! 


Right now, there is no public sale, you can only access APhone via an invite links. As a member of Aethir, I got access to APhone and have 2 invite links that I can share with you to have access to the airdrop part of APhone, but not the phone itself because it can only be accessed through NFTs that were sold out. 

I can’t have more invites for now, but I will provide an update if I get more invites.

Here are my invites : 

To be part of the airdrop, you have to unlock chests with keys that are given to you each day. This will give you points that will be converted to $PHONE tokens.

If you want more invites, I would advise you to go to the Aethir Discord. There is an APhone channel that will have some invite links, and it will make some people happy.

Docs : APhone

Discord : Aethir

Discord : APhone

As always thank you for reading !

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