We need to talk about: Nimiq, the browser-first blockchain!

By Eroshi | Eroshi-sensei | 27 Aug 2020

Before talking about Nimiq, I will review about how blockchain works... 

Every node(computer) in the blockchain network receives a crypto block with transactions and the node do the proof of work to decrypt the nounce solving the problem then put it in the chain... This is how a Bitcoin's blockchain proof of work literally works... but this crypto block that came becomes harder and harder to solve for a normal computer being a node in this blockchain with weak benchmark... so this is where Nimiq comes... with a digital web blockchain easy to use and blockchain accessible to everyone... you just need a web browser!



What is Nimiq?

A blockchain technology inspired by Bitcoin but designed to run in your browser. It is money by nature but capable to do much more. 

Nimiq is a browser-first blockchain streamlined over the web! All user interfaces are focused in simplicity, things that a normal user can interact easily, so they can get more people to its project and as all 

The organization team wants to achieve mass adoption with its research, implementing and combining cutting-edge technologies from:

  • Cryptocurrencies,
  • Cryptography,
  • Blockchain technologies,
  • Peer-to-peer networks,
  • Distributed ledger technologies,
  • Web development,
  • Usability,
  • User experience,
  • Human psychology and behavior.

Nimiq is not just the blockchain though, it's also a digital payment platform that already exist as being a digital currency but NIM was made to be easy to use and has a real good usability for people from all ages, its motto can be easier: Crypto for Everybody.



Nowadays is possible to pay online with crypto... but using intermediaries. The real goal of this crypto is to be itself an independent crypto from intermediaries. 

Nimiq is a blockchain and payment protocol native to the web offering any form of payment, be it online, in a shop, or between friends, as long as the device is connected. Being a browser-first blockchain means paying becomes as simple as browsing a website: no apps, no plugins, completely installation-free. It works on all devices that come with a browser, from desktops to mobile phones.


Their blockchain uses a proof of work concept, the same as Bitcoin, but using web browser, so you don't need a potential hardware to start, even in your mobile browser works, but as a proof of work your wins it'll depends on how's your hash rate gives to you, still proof of work... but... there is good news! They are working in a Proof of Stake called Albatross version, a hard fork from now Nimiq so you can start stake with 1000 Nims !


Security in NIM

Nimiq is a decentralized network with nodes all over the world. To attack it, control of +50% of the network would be necessary – making it substantially more secure than conventional banking software, is the same as Bitcoin in this security question.

You can read more in its white paper.


Create your NIM Wallet

NIM Wallet is easy to create, you can start here each wallet has your own avatar though, you can select your avatar this will be your unique avatar address you can have in their wallet:


After choosing your cute avatar, you will just put your password and it'll redirect you to the wallet!




Start mining NIM

Nimiq is driven by browser mining with proof of work (for a while) so you can use your web browser to work, just accessing here... and it has a real good usability, even in the mobile browsers.

If you prefer run your own node downloaded in your OS instead of website, you can mine using it: https://www.nimiq.com/developers/downloads/

For now, you'll need to select a Pool(a place to unite some another nodes to be fast to solve blocks, I prefer the Black Pool as the choice for the pools in the platform) to solve some blocks and get some NIM with the power of your PC. Now I'm really anxious to get the proof of stake, this will be a real big advantage in the future, so hold all you can by now to this new mine's way in the future.


Development with Nimiq

You can see the Nimiq team wants to reach a big mass adoption its space in the blockchain's universe, and they can achieve that ... Its development was designed to be easier than others digital payment blockchain, because NIM was made to don't use third party libraries... so NIM team created the perfect API to use in your digital payments!

Differently from Ethereum, that the blockchain is outside the web to work with their main net, Nimiq was developed for web developers (Orly?) is easily integrated with your website. Even to deploy your own Nimiq blockchain is easier:


If you know node.js or JavaScript, the language of the web, or knows a bit of web programming language can easily to start a payment platform with Nimiq, this is all because the creation of the blockchain was used Rust and JavaScript(with web assembly to improve the performance), in this way is way easier to create a kind of web app, a kind of "smart contract" using the NIM Address of the user, you can create your own e-commerce using its API easily to connect and improve your ways of payment.

Curious about developing with Nimiq? So your journey starts here.


Wallets, Exchanges, WebApps and Technologies

Nimiq has a good wallet by itself, as you think after that you created your account in their website you'll be possible to access the wallet directly. Instead, some blockchains, they are totally on the web, you can do everything on the web and real secure.

NIM it's in the following exchanges: KuCoin and in the ChangeHero.

There is some web apps that you can use with NIM:



Faucets of Nimiq

I just found one Nimiq faucet created by the community, if you know another one, feel free to comment in this article! ;)




Personal Vision

There is a lot more about him in its whitepaper, there is also some cooler projects that you can use as digital payment gateway, you can use for you e-commerce then coltrol outside of the fiat currency or expensive blockchain fees!

As a web developer front-end, I really like the way that we can develop with Javascript for its blockchain, easier plugable... So i think this currency needs my attention and i would like to create something to this community of course! And HODL my NIMs, and if I were you, did the same!


if you already have some nimiqs feel free to send some:



Thanks for reading! and don't forget... HODL! 💓

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