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By Rahul Chaudhary | CryptoBro Blog | 12 Sep 2019

Signals Cryptocurrency – TA Made easy (BTC, ETH, LTC, ALTs)


With the recent Cryptocurreny boom, Crypto market saw huge money pouring in. New Investors, Newbies who were introduced to Blockchain & Crypto market by word of mouth. It was 2018 euphoria when all newbie was excited of New ATH of BTC.

However They did not realize that Crypto market is like any other market & thorough research & knowledge is required. Newbie miss to get it & were burnt heavily when BTC started crashing & ALTs followed BTC. That’s where Technical Analysis come into the picture & TA have been more popular than ever in crypto market.

Signals as an Organization

Signals is aiming to disrupt the Cryptotrading by lowering the barrier to create the algorithm trading models, even for those people who don’t have any programming skills. Currently people trade are mostly attached to human emotions & therefore they are tend to take a decision based on emotion. Here Machine learning comes into play, taking emotions out of trading, make it based on pure numbers, avoid any market chirping, processing huge data sets that a normal human never could.

Pairing this technology with crypto market is a perfect match. Blockchain tech crypto are expected to continue their growth for the next decade, and trader should have great advantages when it comes to trading for a long time coming.

Signal Token

Signal tokens are ERC 20 token & all paid features will be available for Signals token holders. Feature includes – It can be used to make any purchase in the Signals Marketplace, Purchase of user-created indicators, purchase of data streams & strategies. Their total token supply is 185 B which is quite low & good sign for investors.

Signals – Problem Solver

Overall Signals is trying to solve the biggest problem for CryptoMarket – Complexity of Crypto. Huge amount of money is pouring in market & once the institutional money comes in, market can go as high as Trillion dollars & at the same time crypto currency market is becoming complex. Thus Signals came up in market to provide – Machine intelligence based crypto trading skills – with Zero programming skills. Thus making it user-friendly for even those people who have No knowledge of Crypto trading.

Overall Thought – Conclusion

Currently there are 2749 cryptocurrency listed on precisely, Half of them don’t even have real use case. Personally I like those crypto which offer a real use case & solve an existent problem. That’s exactly what Signals trying to do – Taking all human emotions out of cryptomarket, making it a number game, processing huge data set than human mind could ever do, avoiding any coin-shilling & last not the least helping you to get some sleep. I know some of famous traders who hangs out with their computer screen 24/7 but once Signals programming goes live – you can utilize their AI drive strategies.


Dislcimaer - Information put in this blog was taken from following sources - Signals Network official website & Signals Network White-Paper.


Signals Website








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