My bitcoin dice strategy - How I collected 2.3 BTC so far

Here's the bitcoin dice strategy that got me 2.35 BTC (so far)

By Denethor | cryptobrain | 29 Apr 2021

Since October 2018 I've switched from traditional casinos to crypto casinos and there was one game that truly stuck with me, which was bitcoin dice. It really isn't about the game itself, since its mechanics are so simple, but actually the autobet settings some bitcoin casinos have been implementing that hooked me to explore every possible option to succeed in the long term.

Now, its worth mentioning right away that profit is not guaranteed, it is not rocket science, luck plays a huge factor not only in bitcoin dice but pretty much every casino game. 

In this article, I will share my thinking process that led me to winning over 2 bitcoins playing bitcoin dice.

1. Finding the right bitcoin dice casino

Now, to me, this is the crucial step for higher chances of a successful run, the casino you pick must have certain dice features to allow you to set a custom bitcoin dice strategy.

Important features in a dice casino:

  • Advanced Autobet
  • Really fast dice speed
  • Decent return on wagering (usually called rakeback)

For me, the clear choice was, they have one of the fastest (if not the fastest) bitcoin dice I have ever played and they also offered a highly advanced autobet feature to put all kinds of strategies in place. 

To complement the fantastic dice game they have, they also offer up to 15% rakeback on every single bet you place, but it doesn't end here, in case your run isn't going well, you can always retrieve a big part of your losses through their Lossback program (called VIP wheel). Both rakeback and lossback are claimable once you become a VIP. 


2. Testing every possible bitcoin dice strategy

Now we get to a point that took me months of intensive testing and failure. If you know the math, you know that in the long term the casino will always win if you keep playing and playing forever, but you can work towards building up a stack, partially remove profits and try to stay in the game as long as possible, and that is what I've been doing.

I've personally went with wolf because in my opinion this is the best casino to place your bitcoin dice strategies due to its speed, rewards and incredible intuitive autobet panel. You can also use other bitcoin casinos such as stake since they recently copied advanced autobet, but the dice speed isn't as fast, and the autobet settings creation is a mess of a process due to a bad UI in my opinion.

3. Coming up with the most reliable strategy

So, to be clear, this isn't a perfect strategy that will make you win forever, but it can last for a long time if you do it safely. First, you have to be sure you use a cheap coin, I started with BTC when it was ~$7,500.  Right now, during this bullish market I recommend picking Litecoin or even Doge for the strategy.


The image above shows the settings I used at the beginning of this strategy, I was only using 10 satochis, but with the bitcoin price increasing a lot, I suggest you use another coin for a high loss-streak tolerance.


Now, the dice strategy settings:


When opening the casino and selecting the dice game, open autobet and go over to "Expert Mode"

👉 Roll over 50
👉 ON streak greater than 3 lose> increase amount by 100%
👉 On first streak of 5 losses> Increase amount by 5000%
👉 On every 1 win > Reset amount

Pick a tiny amount compared with your bankroll for some safety on losing streaks! (For this strategy I recommend only 10 satoshis of the currency you're using)


The autobet panel should look like this:

bitcoin dice strategy settings


4. Let the dice make its magic

Once you set up the strategy just click autobet and let it roll! I have a spare computer running 24/7 with this strategy, and a livestream sharing my progress live, you can always use a spare phone for this, since has a high quality mobile-first approach for their games.

This wraps it up, I simply let this strategy run for as long as possible, which in my case started on 22/09/2020 with 0.015 BTC on the balance.

You might be wondering why I would share my bitcoin dice strategy with you, and it is a good question. Let me straighten this out and say that this is mostly to share my experience with testing over 50 strategies and get some affiliate commission in the process. I also believe that everything should be balanced, for a certain amount of players losing in a bitcoin casino there should also be a fair amount of players winning.

I hope you enjoyed my story.



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