ALIEN WORLDS - Discover a new way to PLAY 2 EARN - What is and How to Play

By CryptoBlonde | CryptoBlonde | 23 Jan 2021

The WAX blockchain is the world’s leading decentralized video game and entertainment network and NOW has another EXPLOSIVE reason why you should join....ALIEN WORLDS

Alien Worlds is a game developed by the German studio Dacoco that runs on the Wax blockchain. The team give users elements from play-to-earn, DeFi and DAOs. Everybody who joins NOW the Alien Worlds beta gets a basic human avatar and a shovel NFT for FREE, so let’s rush for gold and start mining!

Alien WORLDS, witch pitches itself as 'DAOs and DeFi in space' is among a handful of titles at the forefront of monetizing in-game NFTs for players.


For the moment, the current beta only introduces the concept of mining and staking on planets but later the Thunderdome will open, allowing PVP combats.


There are 6 different planets (Eyeke, Kavian, Magor, Naron, Neri and Veles) with different surfaces to choose, and by mining players can discover TLM (Trilium). First you need to select a planet, and then the location where you want to mine. On the main screen, players also need to check their inventory and if you haven't bought any assets on the secondary market, you will have to start only with the standard shovel. Make sure it’s equipped !!!


While mining there’s a small chance to find NFTs, and some of those can be equipped to improve your chances. After mining you can CLAIM the trilium and then STAKE to the planets. Based on the luck statistics of the inventory equipment, players have an increased chance to find NFTs (avatars, weapons, minions or mining tools)


The land and tools equipped influence the mining rewards and frequency, so let's take a look at the important attributes: 

Charge time (Item description)

The Land charge time multiplier is combined with the Tools charging times. When you use three tools only the two longest charge times will count for your charge time since last mine.

Trilium Mining Power (Top left)

The mining power is indicated by the percentage shown on all tools used in a mining session. This number need to be multiplied by the multiplier of the land mining pot. The number will influence how much TLM a player is capable of mining.

NFT Luck (Bottom right)

Considerer by many as one of the most  important attributes, is the NFT Luck. This influences the chance to find more NFTs but only one per mining session. These percentages combined, multiplied by the land multiplier, create the player Chance of Getting a NFT.

Proof of Work reducer (Bottom left)

Mining in Alien Worlds actually is a form of cryptocurrency mining. The amount of computing work that need to be done, changes based on the proof of work attribute of the cards. If you use a smartphone this could influence your waiting time, but on a PC usually it takes less time to compute. 


Now let's see some examples:


Charge Time = 1.2x (1440+120) = 4680 seconds =+-78 minutes

Trilium Mining Power = 1x(20+2+1) = 23% mining Reward

NFT Luck = 1.2x(3+0.7+0.5)=5.04% chance of getting a NFT


Charge Time = 2x (120+80) = 400 seconds =+-7 minutes

Trilium Mining Power = 1.6x(2+1+1) = 6,4% mining reward

NFT Luck = 1.9x(0.7+0.7+0.5)=3.61% chance of getting a NFT


So what are you waiting for? 

Join NOW to Alien Worlds to Play 2 Earn or Own to Earn by collect digital items. You can buy or earn NFTs and TLM through the game play and participate in Planet DAOs. All of the Alien Worlds digital assets are minted on the WAX Blockchain, so you just need to sign and login with your wax wallet address.


Are you new to the world of NFT, don't worry, it's free to join, just get your FREE WAX account at Wax Cloud Wallet with only two simple steps. It's easy, secure, instant and global. After register you should have .wam address. Then you can go to the Market. AtomicHub is at the moment my favorite and leading marketplace when it comes to NFTs. You can buy, TRANSFER TO YOUR FRIENDS, sale or auction your NFT at WAX Market. It's easy to use and interacts directly with your WAX cloud wallet. 

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