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By cryptoblezin | cryptoblezin | 22 May 2019

YouSeeMe is a cryptocurrency that facilitates the transition between the virtual world and the real world.

But before we dive into the YouSeeMe review, let’s have a general look at the crypto market and the problems faced on exchanges.

The cryptocurrency market has seen vast expansion in the last two years with continued increase in market capitalization and in the number of cryptocurrency coins and tokens (which collectively total more than 1,850). This is a result of media hype and media coverage of the crypto market, as well as its unregulated nature that has allowed vast participation by even the most uninformed of retail investors.

This is not surprising as the crypto market far outpaced other markets by staggering amounts. Some crypto coins/tokens gained as much as 20,000% between 2016 and 2017.

The YouSeeMe project has a decentralized structure through the presentation of Blockchain innovation, and it is called as something else; Bartcoin. Additionally, YouSeeMe itself is an all-encompassing organization cryptocurrency wallet, that is, inside it you as a client can store your coins, yet in addition exchange them whenever advantageous for you.

Likewise, YouSeeMe will enable you to dependably be in contact with your companions, so you can trade your computerized resources with them whenever or share them as required.

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Examined here are features of YouSeeMe project and how it functions by and large. In the first place, this project joins two parallel applications, every one of which is in charge of its own gathering of capacities and apparatuses. On the off chance that YouSeeMe has its very own crypto wallet and an immense database of different shops, restaurants and cafes, at that point with the assistance of Bartcoin, the client will have a unimaginable chance to exchange and trade any cryptocurrency matches through an interior token (BARC).

The YouSeeMe project will offer an enormous determination of various items and administrations, where every trader will be glad to offer its one of a kind devotion program to the clients of this framework. Shopping with YouSeeMe will be a delight, as you'll be always mindful of your present parity, just as have the option to pick the highlights you have to change over your present resources with the most reduced Commission and different expenses.

Note that these applications are accessible for a wide range of cell phones, which makes them helpful, however accessible around the world. With YouSeeMe you will most likely pay for completely any kind of buys and administrations, regardless of whether it is open transport, or installment of the rental value, buy of items, or installment for supper in a café. This will be accessible gratitude to YouSeeMe and even without a Bank card; this project makes life simpler which I believe is helpful and handy.


The utility token of this project, BARC will be utilized to perform a large portion of the capacities inside this framework. It itself is created based on the Ethereum blockchain of the standard ERC-20 token. Altogether, 165 million coins with an underlying estimation of 1 EUR per 1 BARC will be issued for the improvement of the platform. Notwithstanding, the advancement group gives different advancements and rewards to members of starter and public sales. The returns from the sales will be coordinated to the improvement of this project.




The allocation of tokens is as follows:




By definition, Roadmap is a plan or strategy intended to achieve a particular goal. That is to say the YOUSEEME Roadmap is step-by-step means by which the mission of the project is to be fully achieved.

Below is a pictorial representation of the YOUSEEME Roadmap:

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Behind every good project, there must be a solid team who are always brainstorming and working towards how to achieve the aim of the project. Here in YOUSEEME, we have a diverse team of individuals with varying backgrounds ranging from experience in technology, business strategy, logistics, blockchain, finance, management, marketing, and development.

Below are the brains that make up the YOUSEEME Team;

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Rest assured, use the YouSeeMe platform using its conventional token, BARC. YouSeeMe aims to cater for the cryptocurrency users who need an easy to navigate platform where they can be sure their financial assets are well protected. YouSeeMe will provide powered-up, cutting-edge features for both the amateurs and professionals who require the full range of earning more, decision making and fundamentals information at their fingertips.

Key in now into the YouSeeMe project to protect your talents in a unique and welcoming environment discover promising new technologies and ask or give advice in a community focused on creating a bright future for everyone! Become part of the YouSeeMe community and be a BARC token holder now that the price is still very cheap to afford for everyone.

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