Do you TRADE? - Tools for newbie traders...and crypto guessers

By deyner1984 | cryptobiz | 3 Jun 2019

Today i want to share some tools i've using to "guess" crypto coins prices. I am a newbie trader and trade from one day to another taking advantage of price changes from one day to another.

Mainly i trade at and is my preferred exchange and, being just with all you, i can say that i start using it because cuban citizes are banned from main exchanges sites like Binance or Coinbase.


...but it has all tools Binance or Coinbase have.

So i trade in here using tools it provides but i support myself in other tools when trade or do some kind of tasks in sites like or trying to "guess" crypto coins prices.

Here is the list of websites i use often whe doing such things:

  1. (Crypto market Capitalization analysis)
  2. (Social indicators for cryptocurrencies)
  3. (Technical indicator for cryptocurrencies)
  4. (Coinmarketcap resumed)

So here you are...i hope you use them and have great fun and they bring you the possibility to obtain great profit from exchanges...and from other kind of tasks too if you want to.

Which tools do you use when trade and what kind of trade techniques do you use often?

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