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The Heated Debate Over Web 3.0 Future Reality

By thecharliebrown | CryptoBite.io | 22 Dec 2021

Web 3.0 will completely change life as we know it. Web 3.0 will completely overtake Web 2.0 shortly. Or will it? Cryptobite dives into the deep debate to see what is going on.

Brief Intro to Web 3.0

Short and simple is Web 3.0 is the decentralization of social media, search engines, lending platforms, and many other services. Web 3.0 attempts to move away from large corporation control and personal ownership.

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Benefits of Web 3.0

Web 3.0 has a lot of benefits over web 2.0 and centralized social media. These are just a few of the top benefits. Please feel free to add what you believe to be benefits and drawbacks in the comments.

  • No central authority controling what content you can or can’t post.
  • Rewards for content and actions on the Web 3.0 platforms.
  • Ownership of your information and data.
  • The ability to move between different apps and website with a single identity.

Drawbacks of Web 3.0

  • UIs are not as advanced as some of the Web 2.0 alternatives.
  • Complicated for new users to understand.

The Heated Web 3.0 Debate

The real question is whether Web 3.0 is really better, is it truly decentralized, and will it become the future?

Both Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey seemed to stir the pot on Twitter today.

The Heated Web 3.0 Debate what is web 3

Both Jack and Elon have shown support for cryptocurrencies, but they seem to be strongly against Web3. Ulterior motive, perhaps? Maybe it’s because of the fear that the decentralization disrupts the current wealth stream?

This image is from an excellent reply on Twitter from Balaji.


Balaji Srinivasan@balajis·19hReplying to @jack

I respect you & everything you’ve built. I also disagree here. Twitter started as a protocol, the free speech wing of the free speech party. Then corporate & political incentives led to deplatforming & censorship. Web3 offers the possibility, not guarantee, of something better.

So why did Jack change his path, and why is he so against it now?

Could it be the fear that decentralization can lower single-person influence? Could it be the fear that decentralization disrupts the current wealth distribution? I, for one, can not answer why they are against it. I can only speculate. Maybe they truly know something we do not.

My Thoughts on Web 3.0

I have truly enjoyed my journey in the Web 3 world. I love not being afraid of sharing my beliefs. Not having to tiptoe around hoping I don’t get banned because someone doesn’t like what I have to say has been fantastic. I have also enjoyed getting rewards for my actions and posts, not someone else reaping the rewards.

My latest focus has been on Decentralized Social platforms. Most of them still have the drawback that the UI is not what I am used to on social platforms. DeSo has been the best experience of any that I have found to date. If you have not tried it out yet you should give it a chance.

Join DeSo through the DiamondApp and you can receive $25 in free $DeSo to get started on your new journey.

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