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Multichain Metazens Emerged In The Metaverse

By thecharliebrown | | 11 Dec 2021

The METAZENS minted the first 20 NFTs on the DeSo platform today. The first 20 are the individually hand-drawn Genesis series.

Eighteen went for the first bid, and two were on a 24 hr auction. I somehow got lucky enough to grab one of the Genesis Series.

Metazens: The Citizens of Metaverse!

The Genesis Metazen Collection, consisting of 20 one of one Metazens developed as part of the artist’s process, is now on the blockchain. The Metazens Genesis Series is exclusive on DeSo, and they’re the first Metazens to exist on the blockchain!

At DeSo blockchain, they minted 20 Metazens on December 4th. All the Metazens sold on the first bid during the release except the #1 and #11 Metazens went under auction for 24 hours. You could purchase only one Metazen, which means one Metazen per wallet. The whitelisted DeSo wallets can participate in the inaugural mint of Metazens that will be open for 24 hours on December 11th, and the maximum limit is 4 Metazens per wallet. 

The Metazens are planning to provide you an opportunity to mint across multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, DeSo, and Solona. You can sequentially mint Metazens on these blockchains, starting with DeSo (with a limit of 500), Solana (2500), and Ethereum (2500). 

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What are Metazens?  

The NFT project “Metazens” consists of 5500 generated digital collectibles PFP NFTs across multiple blockchains. The “Citizens of the Metaverse” are the Metazens, a diversified range of persona existing on multiple blockchains. Every Metazen has its features and rarities, including its personality description. 

Music NFTs having 10 seconds segments of the “Metazens – Citizens of the Metaverse” theme track produced by Murkury will be included with 35 exceptionally rare Metazens. The Metazen in your wallet will be your membership token to join The Art Collective DAO (ACDAO), a collective that collects, curates, and sells NFTs.

Metazen’s Vision

The aim of Metazens is to give back to artists through the development of the Art Collective DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The project of Metazens NFT is the catalyst. The Metazen project vibe has an inkling of inclusivity, escapism, anti-rivalry, uniquity, gender blending, coolhunting, and influence and exploring the personality attributes. 

The artist Meredith Marsone has created the Genesis Metazens Collection that represents the diversified digital appearances of metaverse personas and identities.

Metazens in Art Collective DAO (ACDAO) 

The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is the native digital version of Coop or its related organizations. The Generative mint of Metazens will generate the fund utilized and managed by a new DAO. We are exploring the working of this DAO on the DeSo blockchain. When the DAO is created (i.e., your wallets are linked and validated as a collective), you will be able to get benefit from any secondary sales, which will be divided equally among DAO members based on a vote by the members.

We are pioneers! We are early! And by working together, we will be able to create something far more powerful than we could individually.

Metazen Market

The Metazens will provide you the Custom Metazen minting, which you use in the online Metazens market for trading purposes. For certain exclusive market items, you can use the $MTZN tokens. You can design the Metazen that precisely reflects your Metasoul by choosing your specific characteristics from over 400 attributes. As new products are added to the library, you’ll be able to update and shop your Metazen. The token data is referenced by upgraded PFP with the help of a dynamic image URL, whereas the original PFP is permanent and static. 

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