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Have You Ever Wanted To Be Early

By thecharliebrown | CryptoBite.io | 31 Dec 2021

The early investors are the ones that make the massive gains. Have you ever been early to a crypto project? I have been searching hard for projects to jump into early and see how early and successful I can be.

Early Investor Examples

I’m sure you all have heard of the person who bought $8,000 worth of SHIB, which went as high as $5.7 billion. Slight problem cashing out when you own 12% of a coin, but I would sure love to have that problem.

early crypto investment

While that story is far and few between, there are still plenty of examples of exceptional returns with Crypto.

  • February 2011 Bitcoin Reached $1. November 10th, 2021 was the all time high at $69,045.
  • Solana rose 9700% in 2021.
  • ETH is up 10x in the last 12 months.

Mass adoption of cryptocurrency has yet to start, but numerous projects have returned better than any other investment opportunity available.

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Projects to Get In Early

This is by no means financial advice. I am just sharing some of the projects I am researching and engaging in the platforms.

I case you haven’t noticed; the Venture Capitalists are getting in at the start of new projects. They have come to understand the numbers that are possible. You can lose on many investments and still make a substantial return.

Plugin Decentralized Social Media

The Plugin team is based out of Manchester, England. They are in the process of creating a decentralized social media network. If you get in on this project, you will be very early.

I have just started testing this one out, but I like what I see so far. It also has a very attractive design and plans for several features rolling out.

Plugin Features

  • Social feed resembling Twitter.
    • This feature is currently live for standard posts and writing articles. Live Video feed and NFTs are future upgrades to the platform.
    • It currently has the options to follow with a friend feature for future updates.
  • Designed to make money by trading your social content.
  • App store with games designed for social challenging.
  • The main goal is to minimize personal information data collection and help eliminate personal data selling.

There are several other plans in the making for this platform. You can sign up here to check it out. You will have the option to become an early supporter and receive a badge. For example, if you purchase the $100 package, you will receive 300 tokens in your wallet and the diamond attached to your profile image.

early crypto projects

The Mars Metaverse Project

The Mars is a metaverse project that is currently being developed in Korea.

The metaverse will be a while before it is released, but you can get in now mining the MRST token with a mobile app. Unless you get on the white list, you will need a referral code to join. Go to the Apple or Google Store and search for Mars Mining App. When you sign up, you can use cryptobite as your referral code to receive two free MRST. Link to the APP.

About The Mars Metaverse Project

The Mars Metaverse will have a cap of 50 billion MRST tokens. 40 billion of these will only be available to earn by playing or mining. The tokens will be released over 30 years.



Getting in on mining now will put you way ahead of the curve. All it takes is a simple push of the button on your phone and close the app. No battery drain to worry about.

2022 plans are for the Alpha test and listing MRST on the Global Crypto Exchange. 2023 will bring the closed Beta Test in the 2nd Quarter and open Beta in the 4th Quarter.

After watching the teaser, I hate that I will be waiting two years for full launch, but that gives me plenty of time to mine.

Presearch Search Engine

early crypto projects

Presearch is a decentralized search engine. It was created to run from the blockchain and protect your information.

You can still use all of your favorite search engines through Presearch but get to avoid all the data sharing. If you sign up with an account, you will earn PRE tokens just by searching.


I hope you have enjoyed the article. I just wanted to give a brief overview to bring awareness to these projects. If you want to be early these three have the potential.

Have some more early projects? Leave the info in the comments.

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