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By Pena Alexander | CryptoBit | 15 Jun 2020

For anyone that’s new to blockchain and cryptocurrency, LBRY is basically more like a youtube + Bittorrent on the blockchain. The idea behind LBRY is to rescue content creators who don’t get the amount they deserve for their hard work as well as helping them secure their content on the immutable blockchain.

LBRY is a protocol for accessing and publishing digital content in a global, decentralized marketplace. LBRY uses a public blockchain to provide a single shared index of published content, as well as content discovery and payment.

Clients can use LBRY to publish, host, find, download, and pay for content — books, movies, music, or anything else that can be represented as a stream of bits. The protocol is permissionless and censorship-resistant, which means that participation is open to everyone and no one can unilaterally block or remove content.

LBRY has been in public use since June 2016. As of May 2020, over 3.3 million pieces of digital content have been published via the protocol. Millions of users access this content each month, downloading and uploading terabytes of data

The day you join LBRY you will be given 20 LBC Then post a piece of content, follow others, repost content, watch videos and earn LBC. You can also earn LBC by referring new users to the platform. You also have the ability to charge viewers for watching a particular piece of content. The most popular option for monetization is through the use of tipping. Tip content you like and create content other users love in order to earn tips.

At the moment price of LBC is $0.032 and it has market cap of $12,460,562 If you havent tried LBRY yet you can use this link$/invite/@Etherium:b

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