A Poem for my boy (living with his mother) Happy B'day my Son.

By Honeychum | Cryptobee | 9 May 2019

10th of May is the happiest day of my life for my Son was born this day and I discovered a father in me. So this day becomes the Birthday for us both. It is an irony of my life that I could not spend much time with my son. I and my wife got separated just after 3 years of marriage and since then, Seeing my son became an occasion for me.

He will turn 12 tomorrow and the worst part is that I am in a legal battle with my wife for my visitation rights. Well, everyone plays their role in life and the same she is doing. No grudges. I wrote this poem last year for my son and I am sharing this with you guys once again. I do not want your upvotes but a blessing for my son "Shauryajeet Chum"


This is for you my son. 


The first time I saw your beautiful face
I understood God's amazing grace.

When I held your tiny hand I heard, in my heart, God say,
“ You Darling Angel is here to stay. “

I only had you for three years,
but you gave me this unconditional love to show me the way.

I never knew I could love someone so much,
until I felt your gentle touch..

Your eyes- as deep as the sky above,
sparkling like diamonds filled with love..

Even though often I could not hear your sweet voice but
you being, my boy I will always rejoice..

I am grateful for having you, buddy,
I promise I will always love you.

My sweet baby, I now know you are my Guardian Angel;
guiding me through every night and day, showing me the way..
Saying, hey dad, don’t worry everything will be o.k.
With you, I will always stay.

I Wanted to wish you Happy New Year but I know you are not with me here,
I know someday you will miss me and the day it will happen, you will find me with you there.

Your dad with tears, not for the pain but with Love.



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