Matic Launchpad is a SCAM!

By cryptoball | CryptoBall | 13 Nov 2021

And here is the proof.

The timeline:

It all started from a video I’ve watched on YouTube:

I encourage you to go to this link and report that video and channel after you’ve read my story.

The first red flag was the fact that the channel owner, ⚡The DEFI Pub⚡ with 6.25K subscribers used the same prefabricated text to promote the project as in some other videos of his. He says “Go visit their telegram channel, the developers are very helpful!” Fair enough. So I go visit the Telegram channel and surprise surprise, the comments are disabled.

Moving on, I visit their website, which by the way, is the only “hard-work” that has been done for this “project‘’.

Red flag number one: The “Connect wallet” button does nothing.

Red flag number two: These 4 buttons only get you to the top of the page:


Red flag number three: The so called supporters do not have any ties with this project:


You can visit their website and search the “Investments” and you’ll find that not even one has mentioned they are invested in Matic Launchpad.

Red flag number four: Two hours after the entry to the whitelist, I get an email that I was accepted. That’s a first, usually it takes some time and luck. The idiots there sent the full list of whitelisted addresses, but they didn’t think somebody would actually check them. The vast majority of them are just blank wallets. You can check for yourself;

Red flag number six: They only have 16 subscribers on medium. Even i have a lot more, and I rarely post here.

Red flag number seven: Another user on twitter confirmed my suspicions:


Red flag number eight: After “being whitelisted” I’ve received an email from them:


I’ve checked the contract address they gave me on bscscan, only to find out that in fact that’s just the address of a wallet. These guys didn’t even bother to create a token. They’ve just created a wallet:

Address 0x77618eE30a6F4cD5AEc89e0FDB79A4A5f5D17273 | BscScan
The Address 0x77618eE30a6F4cD5AEc89e0FDB79A4A5f5D17273 page allows users to view transactions, balances, token holdings…

Some guy even yoloed 6 grand to them, poor soul.

Here is what they’ve responded:


After this they didn’t respond anymore.

Red flag number eight: They’ve blocked me on twitter, so i would stop warning people to do their own research.


My humble plead:

Always do a thorough research, especially if you want to yolo $6000 into a new project.

Also, if you could go to and report this mofo for shilling scam projects, I would also greatly appreciate it!

Also, if you could share this story and spread the awareness I would be forever in your debt!

Stay safe, and if you want you can also follow me on social media:



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My mission is to dumpster dive to find the best low cap altcoin gems, so you don't have to. I will make extensive report cards and support my choices with facts. Please be aware that nobody is able to know the future and I too am prone to making mistakes. The best I can do is gather as many facts as humanly possible and present them to you in a digestible format. You can also follow me on Telegram for shorter stories

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