How to install Pi Network mining on your phone?

By KVivek | CryptoAssets | 31 Mar 2021

As promised, here is again another blog on Pi - This is on how to setup / install Pi network in your phone to start mining with this crypto currency.

Again, if you are wondering what Pi is, please look into my earlier blogs on - Intro to Pi

Step#1 Where to download Pi app? 

The above link will take you to the official Pi download page where you have options to download for Android or iOS. Tap on the required option & install.


Step #2 Register to Pi Network

After installation, tap on to open the App & you will see 2 options to register ( phone number or Facebook)


Choosing continue with Facebook will take you to your Facebook authentication page. On the other hand, if you choose phone number, it will ask for the country & phone number as below


After this, enter password, then verify password to confirm it and tap on Submit


After this you will be taken to "Setup your account" screen where you need to enter your details. You need to enter your legal name ( First & Last name) here as it will be verified during the  KYC process later.

For username you can choose as you wish.

On submit, you will be prompted for invitation code. Please refer to my blog here for invitation code



Post Submit, you will be taken to Pi Home screen. You need to now tap on the Pi indicator( π /hr) lightening icon to start mining. The mining period is 24 hours. You can set a reminder to open the APP at a fixed time every day and then tap the lightning icon to start the next cycle of mining. Otherwise, the APP will automatically stop mining.


Hope this will be useful to setup your Pi & start mining.

For mining at higher rate please check out this post

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See you on another post!


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