Crypto Giveaways - Get Some Alts!

Crypto Giveaways - Get Some Alts!

By geostima | CryptoAssetMan | 23 May 2019

So here we are again, trying to get some free alt-coins to stack onto our wonderful crypto portfolio!

Well I happened to stumble upon a really cool website which has no eye-catchy and flashy images, no referal bonuses or other similar gimicks, and best of all, absolutely zero ads or popups!

In summary: Just point, click and confirm the claim via email. Rinse and repeat every day.

I would like to introduce you all to: Crypto Giveaways 

This website is a simple one-pager with the option of claiming some alt coins - once every 24 hours. The types of coins available do change from time to time depending on deals and donations made to the website administrators. The claim amounts are A LOT higher than almost all other available faucets to date - and this is the main reason I would like to share it with you.

Below I will add some of the finer details and you should immediately realize that this site should rank among the best faucets out there currently.

Claim Timer:

24 Hours

Current Coins - claim rates per 24hours: 

  • OzzieCoin (OZC) - 6.0 OZC
  • DiamondCoin (DMD) - 0.02 DMD
  • Einsteinium (EMC2) - 6.0 EMC2 - disabled currently
  • OKCash (OK) - 0.70 OK
  • Granite (GRN) - 6.0 GRN
  • MonetaryUnit (MUE) - 1.8 MUE

Claim amounts are based on the total balance of each coin, so they do change on a daily basis - larger claim amounts than the ones listed (at time of writing) are commonplace and happen every time one of their coin balances has been refilled. Either way, if you compare the amounts to the actual task of doing the clicking - you should see that its quite a lot more worthwhile than almost all other sites out there which spam you with emails, ads, gimicks and the like.

Payment Schedule:

Payments are currently done manually (roughly once or twice per month), although automation is currently being worked on - what does this mean exactly? Simple, each time you claim a coin, the claimed amount is stacked and added to your (albeit invisible) balance; and when payments are sent (once or twice per month), you would end up receiving a substantially generous amount of crypto.

You can check out the official forum for the latest news and details regarding this website - however let me just add that this one is at the top of my list, it is very quick and easy to claim from and the given amounts are very generous. I highly recommend it to everyone as in my opinion it is one of the best out there.

Check out the official Crypto Giveaways BitcoinTalk forum for more information.

Go forth and HODL!

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