You have a chance to win a big prize with cryptocurrency casinos!

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Every person on this planet has already dreamed about winning a big prize in a casino, and/or lottery.

 And with cryptocurrency casinos, we can win some big prizes without worrying if we will have the money available because with the help of blockchain technology we have access to all of the cryptocurrency transactions, which implies that the system is transparent and reliable.

 In the past, we never had the option to play some lottery games, and/or casinos and stay in anonymity, but these online casinos are here to help us to create a source of passive income, and after that staying in anonymity. 

P. Pappy(a famous poker player) says: “Gambling is not about how well you play the games, it’s really about how well you handle your money”; and with the cryptocurrency casinos you can handle your money with the best cryptocurrencies available at the moment to create your personal passive income and get a good amount of money in that way.


How does it works?


With the help of casinos like BC.Game we can get our money back using the cryptocurrency withdrawal option without anyone knowing how much we are earning or how much we are spending.

Many of the casinos mentioned here have the spin wheel option where we can have a good chance to win a big amount of money through the most famous cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

And you can earn even more money through these wheels if you increase in your rank by playing slots, live casinos, and/or other games available at Betfury, BC.Game, etc.

If you want to get some profits try to participate in new contests available in these platforms and with the new events available everybody have a chance to win good prizes by new diversity of competitions


Advantages of cryptocurrency casinos: 


I have studied articles, online videos, and other resources about cryptocurrency casinos to get the answers of most common questions, examples of these questions: ‘’What are the advantages of BC.Game from other cryptocurrency casinos?’’, ‘’How to select the most profitable cryptocurrency to play slot games, and other casino games?’’, etc.

The answers of all my questions can/could be updated with time, since cryptocurrencies are a new field in the financial system, and it needs to change a lot over time.

It’s always incredible the stories of the people’s lives that have changed and evolved in a new way after playing on the lottery, and/or casinos and I’m trying to get all the answers to the questions mentioned before.

Tools like Token Sniffer and ‘’Is This Coin a Scam’’ have been used to review if any of these casinos are fake or not, and fortunately, based on my study, I got to the conclusion that none of the projects on this list are false.

I also have used some cryptocurrency articles available on Medium to get my questions answered, and realize if any of the 10 casinos mentioned here are good enough for the people, and how to get the best results for all the questions.

I tried to address the following question during this study: "Are cryptocurrencies the money of the future?" and after watching the documentary, named: ‘’Banking on Africa: The Bitcoin Revolution’’


Cryptocurrencies are the future!


I've come to the conclusion that cryptocurrencies are the currency of the future and the currency itself because unlike banks and paper money, everyone in the world can benefit from blockchain technology to increase profits; people in Africa are a good example of this, as they used this financial system to avoid corrupt politicians and regulators who tried to steal people's money.



Most of these casinos discussed here have an option to get free cryptocurrencies to spin the wheel, however, you will need to increase your rank by playing their games to get much more rewards than simple level 1.

But how the common people will earn money?

 I have the conclusion that the most simple way to earn money with these casinos without investing a good amount of money is by buying a Betfury token and claiming the daily rewards with this money already claimed in your wallet you will deposit this amount of money in your BC.Game wallet to create a compounding interest with your games, and the staking rewards.

Feel free to use another strategy to create a good profitable amount of money.

Another good way to create profits, and place bets to earn a big amount of money is following the @KUCOINKINGPIN and trade with the altcoins mentioned in this profile(always remember to do your own research about these projects, and use cryptocurrencies tools to evaluate the project that you’re investing, examples: ‘’Is This Coin a Scam’’, ‘’Token Sniffer’’, etc.)

If you have used other platforms to earn cryptocurrencies like Cloud mining websites, Faucets websites, and other websites; you can get the profits already earned in these websites to play some slots on BC.Game, Ignition, Betfury, and other games.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about KYC verification process, however, if you don’t feel that your account is safe you can use any 2FA(two-factor authentication) application like ‘’Authy’’ to protect your account.

Another good way to get better security in your digital assets is to save some fractions of the cryptocurrencies that you’re holding in some Hardware Wallet such as a Ledger wallet, Safepal wallet, etc.

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