US Politicians are asking Meta about scams involving cryptocurrencies

By Crypto4you23 | Cryptoanswers22 | 14 Sep 2022



Unfortunately, nothing is 100% positive in this world!

American senators are sending many questions to Mark Zuckerberg about how the company, named: Meta is fighting against cryptocurrency scams.

Since the Facebook crisis of the last year, if they are involved on the American elections politicians are very suspicious about how Mark Zuckerberg is involved in different Ponzi schemes, and scams.

Let's read more about it!


What's happening?


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), has shared that more than 46..000 people lost a good amount of money in cryptocurrency scams between January 2021, and March 2022. 

Ok, maybe you're thinking: ''This is fake news!''

Unfortunately no...

In reality, we are facing a cyber-war involving the following groups:


  • North Korean leaders hacking software wallets;


  • Big tech companies trying to prejudice labor classes and get much more money with scams;


  • Twitter scams with Elon Musk's profile;


  • Fake coins promise a better future but in reality, they are stealing people's money;


  • Blockchain games assuch  BomberCrypto that are falling down with their promises making it impossible to investors withdraw their money;


  • FED organization is always increasing their inflation rates, and by a consequence, all the other items mentioned here are increasing because most of the people in the world don't have money today;


  • Fake Youtube live streamings saying that they are sending fake giveaways.


Where's the data behind this research?


The FTC data is showing that Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp are the most used platforms to create scams about cryptocurrencies, the percentage is:

  • Facebook: 26% of scams;


  • Instagram: 32% of scams;


  • Whatsapp: 9% of scams.


In the letter is mentioned about Facebook banned ads about cryptocurrencies 4 years ago. When the social media network was saying that there are many cryptocurrency companies that are not doing a good job in these Facebook advertisements.

With these actions, they are sharing a good motivation to people research decentralized platforms to earn money without complications for their people's lives.


What's more?


Andy Stone is very angry with all of these problems in his company, and he says that the scams are against the advertisement rules and are sharing negative experiences with users.


What do I think?


I think scams can be simple discussed only with a good research involving different cryptocurrency tools, examples are: Token Sniffer, ''Is this Coin a Scam'', and many others.

We need to be careful about how we are investing our money to never forget about the risks in trusting fake companies, and/or fake projects


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