The sadness: The Merge have not worked!

By Crypto4you23 | Cryptoanswers22 | 16 Sep 2022



Many people expected to earn a good amount of money with Ethereum last day but they forget that we are in a Bear Market, and this are very unpredictable at this moment, many people can earn a lot of money but many people can lose a lot of money too.


What has happened?


Briefly, Ethereum has changed the last day from ''proof-of-work'' to ''proof-of-stake'' and this makes many people happy with all the possibilities to earn money with this cryptocurrency.

Unfortunately, the people that have held the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Ergo;


  • Polygon;


  • Ethereum Classic;


  • Bitcoin Gold;


  • Etc.


And the people that have earned a good amount of money it was the people who have to use their hash power and miner tools to create a good passive income with these cryptocurrencies!

Actually, people put so much hope in ''The Merge'' the only thing that has already happened it was: ''The disappearance'' because have not worked in the way many people think, and this was a good way to learn to earn (in the future).


Bad experience makes me stronger!


I don't know about you but I always feel bad about bad moments in my life, when I realize that everything is a learning process that makes me happy, and better.

Everything is knowledge in this universe, and we need to take a look in our belief systems/study/intuition before trusting too much in something.

Did you have lost money with ''The Merge''?

Don't worry you can sell all your coins during Bull Market(approximately after 2023) and get profits, now you're a better investor with a different reality in your experience.




With Ethereum skyrocketing or not, we're still in a normal bear market so you need to hold your coins, and only sell in a good moment(if you want to).

Patience it will be your partner here during this bear market, hold never sell, if the prices go down buy the DIP it will be your solution.

During this moment use DCA to the projects you trust to and create your new income with these projects.


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