The bear market is here: Ethereum, and Bitcoin are down!

By Crypto4you23 | Cryptoanswers22 | 13 Sep 2022




Unfortunately for old investors, the bear market is still here, and we need to take care of our investments dear reader(s).

This worldwide inflation is affecting rich, and poor countries and with the United States results made by the FED organization, the Bitcoin price is not recovering.

Tensions regarding Taiwan and Ukraine are the main responsible for this big crisis happening in front of us.

What is happening?


Bitcoin current news: 


The FED is not helping American investors, and nobody in the world is reacting well to these actions.

Instead of creating the digital dollar this year, they are raising the commodities prices without ending, what do they want? Nobody knows.

Today Bitcoin has a market price of US$21,2K  lowering the price each from last week.


Ethereum current news: 


The same thing is happening to Ethereum!

Many people are expecting ‘’The Merge’’ of Ethereum to get much more profits with the second largest cryptocurrency in the world.

After the inflation news happening in America, the Ethereum price is being traded at US$1.6K.


Enjoy the DIP:


For many people, this is a good opportunity to buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin and earn much more money in the next bull market.



We don’t have to take so seriously the panic around the world, and invest in something that is very deflationary, the new digital gold, named: Bitcoin.

Use this moment to buy many Bitcoins, and Ethereum and try to hold them for your future!

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