Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution (Review)

By Crypto4you23 | Cryptoanswers22 | 2 Nov 2022



There are many good movies to watch about Bitcoin, and one of the best videos I ever found on the internet is: ''Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution''

In this article, you will understand what is all about this documentary, and why Bitcoin is so innovative to the financial world.


Why Bitcoin is so unique?


Through the video we can see different people using Bitcoin, and with the beginning of the video one random person is making a financial transaction of Bitcoin(Lightning Network), to create faster payment methods using a dynamic ecosystem, called: Blockchain Technology.

Is this a payment method or a currency?

During the video one of the actors explains the difference between Bitcoin, PayPal, and the American Dollar.


What's the difference between these three?


PayPal is a payment network, but it's not a currency;American dollar is a fiat currency, but it's not a payment network;Bitcoin is both of them, it's a digital currency to make transactions through all over the world using the payment network, named: Blockchain.

This is a good difference that makes any viewer understanding what's blockchain technology, and how it works.

Do you need a easier way to make financial transactions?




We can understand a good documentary by understanding how Bitcoin works, and why Blockchain technology will help different people from many parts of the world.


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This is not a DOGE article/video, but remember; DO ONLY GOOD EVERYDAY!

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