I don't believe in ''Brazilian Real''

By Crypto4you23 | Cryptoanswers22 | 1 Nov 2022



There are many fiat currencies in the world, american dollar, australian dollar, and many others.

I don't believe in the majority of them, because there's no need to create more, and more paper money in these days that we have too many different digital assets to invest our money.

In this article I will discuss why I don't believe in ''Brazilian Real'', and why Bitcoin, and physical gold can help ''Brazilian Real'' can help us to create a new wealth in our lives.


What's Brazilian Real?


It's the official fiat currency of my country, named: Brazil.

There's no need to explain that like all the other currencies in the world we can't make such a good amount of money because there's only one stability to Brazilian Real, this coin is always going down in a stable way.


How Gold, and Bitcoin can help Brazilian Real?


It's very simple!

The problem with all fiat currencies is the fact that they aren't pegged in something with value.

Due to this, governments and central banks are always printing more, and more money making the buying power of Brazilian Real always going down during this situation.

For this reason during a crisis the inflation increases the price of products & services

So my point is: ''What if Brazilian Real was pegged in physical gold to increase the buying power of this fiat currency to protect people from inflation?''

After that, with the products and services being less expensive we can buy much more with less money, and what this means?

This means that we can buy more Bitcoin fractions and get much more profits in the long-term investments.

Is this good, right?




Unfortunately we are facing a reptilian economy, which governments aren't interested in increasing the buying power of american dollar, and other coins/tokens.

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