Faucet Crypto The Best Multi-Currency Faucet
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Faucet Crypto The Best Multi-Currency Faucet

By Crypto & Pi | cryptoandpi | 25 Jan 2021

Hey you clicked on this because you wanted to hear about Faucet Crypto. Well good because this is probably one of the best multi-currency faucets there is. 


This faucet is completely online and free. It is super fast pays really high and has 3 ways to earn and several ways to withdraw.

  • Faucet that pays 500 satoshi every 30 minutes
  • PTC Ads that pay around 600 satoshi every click
  • Short Links that pay 400 satoshi per click
  • Offerwalls that pay a random amount once you reach level 20
  • Referral system
  • SUPER low payment threshold.


The payment is 7 minutes to 5 days depending on what you want. If you want some fast payments do not use litecoin, doge coin. If you are suspicious of this than I have payment proof.

Click here to earn lots really fast.payment proof

Wallet Payment Proof


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