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A Lookover Of StormGain's FREE Cloud Miner

By Crypto And Pi | Crypto And Pi | 7 Sep 2021

If you are a user of the website called StormGain then you may or may not have heard of the new Miner service for their website. Also using my referral link HERE, you will get an extra FREE 3 USDT to trade. You do not have to deposit anything; you just get 3 dollars free for signing up. So, sign up now to claim your free 3 USDT. If you are new to this blog, then please consider following to be notified instantly when a new article is released and consider tipping. It is free, it takes 4 seconds, and you can take 80% of the profits or give 100% of it or just donate through the link at the bottom of the article. 

StormGain’s Features 

You may or may not be a user of this amazing service but either way you do not need an account to learn about this amazing service. Storm Gain provides their users with a friendly GUI and an easy-to-use service. They offer many different services, and they can all be viewed from the menu. Their main service is trading. Here you can trade one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency for an exceptionally low fee. It is easy to use and is highly recommended by many people including me.  

Their second service available is an exchange system. This service allows anyone to easily convert any crypto currency into another in just 10 seconds. All you must do is select the cryptocurrency that you want to trade in and then select the cryptocurrency that you want to trade out in. It is an extremely effortless way to exchange crypto and you should go try it out now. 

Another service that they have available for anyone to use is a learning feature that allows anyone from any skill level, learn how to trade, exchange, manage and use their digital assets.  

Then there is their loyalty program that gives the users bonuses for the total of assets that they have. When you are at level one you must pay a 0.095% fee for exchanges and then once you get to higher levels you pay less. For example, the max level only makes you pay a 0.06 % fee for exchanges.  

And then for the main course, their crypto miner. StormGain provides all users with a free, easy to use crypto miner. You can mine every 4 hours and the minimum to withdraw is 10 USDT in bitcoin. You can also use their amazing affiliate program to get 15% of what your referral gets. Also, if any user signs up using this link, they will receive 3 USDT completely for free. 

Wrapping Up

Again I really hope that you guys enjoyed reading this article and that you learned something and maybe you would consider following and tipping or donating using this link below. 

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Crypto And Pi
Crypto And Pi

Go check out stormgain. Great crypto exchange site and they have a crypto cloudminer.

Crypto And Pi
Crypto And Pi

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