The Many Different exchanges and there Many Different Benefits

The Daily Cocktail  - STRAWBERRY MOJITO

-Double Shot Caribbean Rum 50ml
-Single Shot Sugar Syrup 25ml
-Single Shot Strawberry Pulp 25ml
-4 Lime Wedges
-8 Leaves of Mint
-1 Bar Spoon of Mixed Berries
-Crushed ice
-Three Shots of soda 75ml
-Garnished to your Liking

1. Throw a Double shot Caribbean Rum into a glass.
2. Then a Single shot sugar syrup
3. And 4 lime wedges begin to Muddle the Lime wedges.
4. Then hold the Mint Leaves in the Plam of your hand and Clap your hands together releasing the essence of the mint throw it into the glass.
5. Add 1 Bar spoon of Mixed Berries
6. Throw some Crushed ice in and stir with a Bar spoon Top the rest of the glass up with Crushed ice then
7. Add Three shots of soda. 75ml

Want to buy crypto and ever wonder which exchange to use ,which is safer? which can you benefit the most from? well it depends how you look at it.
The Many Different exchanges and there Many Different Benefits that we'll be, briefly touching on today and a more detailed post to follow soon.


Get 10$ for signing up and depositing your first 100$ worth of crypto.
Receive sign up rewards after sign up completion. Binance is quickly becoming the biggest worldwide exchange
Binance still pays out some of the highest staking rewards with many tasks to complete and be rewarded for it. Learn and earn with binance academy. Binance has partnered with swipe and has their own credit card with benefits such as spotify Netflix Amazon prime
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Has the largest multi-currency support meaning you can trade alot of different cryptocurrencies Hotbit has great exposure in Korea and china markets
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Crypto. Com

Earn 20% APR Daily
A place to earn interest on your bitcoin, ethereum and many more. They also have a visa credit card with benefits like spotify Netflix Amazon prime and even free lunches in the airports VIP lounge
Receive CRO after sign up stake your BTC and many other
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Coinbase has a simple interface that aims to make it easy for first-time buyers to purchase bitcoin and a few other "alt" coins saftely, Coinbase is one of the safest web wallets you could have as they keep almost 99% of their assets in an offline cold storage.
But if you were to be hacked they do payout your lost funds through there insurence policy.
Learn about coins and receive an amount of them for free
Receive 10$ after sign up
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The exchange that gives the Most Airdrops
Join LATOKEN Exchange:
- Buy and sell crypto with credit card,
- Trade 500+ crypto pairs along with 500,000+ traders,
- Instantly send and receive crypto with zero fees,
- Explore projects and invest on the world's largest IEO Launchpad.
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ever wonder where every is buying low capped GEMS well here's a Reliable exchange for low capped alt coins with the benefits of Secure anonymous trading.
offers real-time inter-platform
Low Transaction Fees & Fast Withdrawal exchange services of high accessibility,
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My Next Post will be about how Crypto made it possible for anyone to earn a passive income from the comfort of their homes or even sitting back on the Beach with a Cocktail in your hand.

See you soon with another Daily Cocktail and more on Crypto. ;-)

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Crypto And Cocktails
Crypto And Cocktails

I'm a Young Adult that has been working as a Mixologist for a couple years now, And has found more than just a interest in the blockchain community

CryptoAndCocktails With Passive income
CryptoAndCocktails With Passive income

We will be talking about New and Old exchanges and their benefits as well as their down falls. I'll Mostly be on the topic of Passive income as I believe Everyone has to right to earn an income no matter their past or education. I'll also be touching on Dapps and various Blockchain platforms.

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