BTC/USD Daily Technical Analysis for 26.4.2019.

By Trader | Cryptoanalysis | 26 Apr 2019

Present Level: 5288.6

Pivot level: 5280.3

Immediate resistance level: 5495.4

2nd resistance level: 5771.9

3rd resistance level: 5987.0

Immediate support level: 5003.8

2nd support level: 4788.7

3rd support level: 4512.2

Note: Pivot levels are calcualted on Classic system.

Technical indicators status:

Most of the indicators shows bullish trend. So we can consider it as buy.

Moving averages status:

Major number of moving averages shows bullish trend. So we can consider it as Buy.

We can consider overall trend as Strong Buy.

Note: It is only friendly sharing of my views with my fellow members. Not for any business purpose or paid service. Trade with your own risk.

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