Why is a workplace important in trading?

Why is a workplace important in trading?

By Crypto4light | crypto4light | 11 Apr 2023


Trading is such a small life that you live every day by opening a chart and an exchange. And above all, you must live this life with dignity. And in order not to break down, not to burn out, to save your nerve cells, it is important to devote time, first of all, to psychology.

Your workspace — It is important that you feel comfortable working. Nothing should cause you negative emotions, remove all irritants: wipe the dust, remove all unnecessary, leaving only those things that you use daily.

You should sit down at the workplace and get maximum satisfaction, everything should be as comfortable. You need to achieve maximum comfort, pay attention to what you are sitting on. Chair or office chair, choose it according to your height, back position, soft or hard, leather or velor. Customize the location of the monitor, mouse, keyboard or laptop in general. Use the speakers you need to play your favorite music in the background. Why is it so important? Because even the slightest irritants can affect your work on the crypto exchange. For example, you got a loss, at the same moment the cup with your cold coffee fell and now after 30 seconds — you are furious at everything around, and next time you start open random positions and get more and more loses.

How to build a workflow?

After you have prepared the workplace, you need to prepare the work itself. First, decide on the time. You need to draw up a trading schedule. You should not sit 24/7, tremble over the charts and follow every candle, except for overtrading. Yes, it will be difficult to choose the time for yourself right away. Highly recommend you to watch my video about trading styles.

Create best workflow on exchange or trading view! Add favorite tool which you use all the time. Time charts, crypto lists colors, background, and all this small things. Ill make another video with trading view setups.

But who knows you better than yourself? That’s right, nobody. Therefore, think about how you will be more comfortable.

Next, we need to determine in ourselves those things that can interfere with trade. For example: you are very sensitive to money, every penny counts. You may need to work on your relationship with money. Maybe we should not overestimate their importance. After all, this can be detrimental to emotional health in the future.

Or you are an extremely gambling person, like disputes, get adrenaline from the process itself. In this case, you should think about how you will deal with excitement while trading.

After all, I already told you that trading is a small life. The crypto exchange is not a place of fulfillment of desires. This is the battlefield.

And in conclusion, I want to add to the preparation:

Pay attention to the chart, set the colors and tools that are convenient for you in the trading view and on the exchange itself.

Get a notepad. Write everything down the first time. All observations, all transactions, all emotions, all flaws. Write absolutely everything there, every day.

Write yourself a checklist, add to it everything that prevents you from working and hang it in front of the monitor. Every morning, before you sit down for a chart, see if the conditions are right.

For example: excellent mood, no headache or other pain, slept well, concentrated. All urgent matters are done so that nothing distracts you, etc.


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