The Underdogs to Watch Out For!

By keelmann | Crypto420666 | 11 May 2021

There's Thousands of Crypto to Choose From.

Oh, how to pick the winners. I am by no means a financial expert, I'm just letting you in on what has worked for me.

Due to my financial situation I'm limited at the moment. But if you want those certain long term winners I'd tell you that "You can't go wrong with BTC or ETH." But not all of us have thousands at our disposal so I've been forced to find other options that I hope you have as much luck with as I have. 

Today I'm here to tell you about one of my personal favorites: Polygon (or previously known as Matic, however the unit's name is still MATIC.) 



I've only been invested with this crypto for a few months but it's seen tremendous bull runs. At the beginning of this year Polygon wasn't even listed at $.02! Now it has soared recently to over $1! With only say, a $100 investment, that's a hefty return in less than 6 months. And this crypto isn't even getting started yet. But what is it? Well, Polygon (MATIC) is an Ethereum token that powers the Polygon Network, a scaling solution for Ethereum. Polygon aims to provide faster and cheaper transactions on Ethereum using Layer 2 sidechains, which are blockchains that run alongside the Ethereum main chain. Users can deposit Ethereum tokens to a Polygon smart contract, interact with them within Polygon, and then later withdraw them back to the Ethereum main chain. The MATIC token is used to pay transaction fees and participate in proof-of-stake consensus. 

There's speculation about whether it will go downhill once Ethereum2.0 is up and running but I'm here to tell you, "I think not!" When Polygon is able to do more than 6000 transactions per second than what 2.0 will be capable of, it's not going anywhere. 


If your current crypto market does not offer Polygon, you can make an account at this link. It's quick, simple and very well secured. Please don't miss out on this gravy train. 



If you're still hesitant and need some more information here's a link to their website:

As well as their whitepaper:


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