UNI, DOT and LINK. Ukraine.

LINK, DOT and Uniswap | Chart Analysis | Nothing Until Now | 27 FEB

By Joao16 | Crypto405 | 27 Feb 2022

I can't start this post without sending prays to ukraine, I hope this nightmare ends sooner than we expect.



LINK Analysis

Like BTC, LINK seems to be rejecting the new resistence on 15$ that could mean lower prices, but i would pay more attention to that because we already had a lot of down trends and at some point even if only for a week or month they will comeback to higher prices in my opinion, let's see.




DOT Analysis

DOT was doing great but yesterday got a little rejection, that could mean lower prices but i think dot is having a great buying power and could go to higher prices before another fall maybe to test EMA56 on 20$.



Uniswap Analysis

Like i said in my last analysis on UNI, this coin is very bearish i really wonder when people are going to start buying this coin again, but for now only downside for UNI with a rejection yesterday and already going down today, that doesn't mean it can't recover to higher prices, but BTC is droping and if he doesn't go up nothing goes.



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Supertrend Indicator Daily and Weekly

LINK |  Weekly chart |   Down Trend |                         
       |  Daily chart     |   Down Trend |                         
DOT  |  Weekly chart | Down Trend  |                      
           |  Daily chart    |  Down Trend  |                        
UNI |  Weekly chart  |   Down trend   |       
        |  Daily chart      |  Down Trend   |                        


RSI Indicator

They all reject trying to go to 50 which means maybe more downside.












Suports and resistences

LINK|  Suport -> 13$             
        |  Resistence -> 15$   
DOT |   Suport  -> 16$     
        |  Resistence -> 18$               
UNI  |  Suport  -> 8$
        |  Resistence -> 10$         


Volume (in the last 7 days)

The volume has increase because of the support they all did in the last few days and yesterday rejecting. It's a bullish sign but with that rejecting we just can wait too see if it rejects going down.

LINK | 4.7M->5.3M Bigger.        
DOT |  7.2M->8.4M Bigger.                     
UNI  |  1.7M->2.0M Bigger.                  


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