BTC, LINK, AAVE and BNB | Chart Analysis | Going Up, But Be Carefull.. | 29 OCT

By Joao16 | Crypto405 | 29 Oct 2022

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BTC Analysis

Bitcoin was being squeezed by 19K support against EMA56, because of that 3 days ago BTC broke above EMA56 and is now tying to go up but has been rejecting EMA99. At this point in my opinion BTC will try to break EMA500 until the end of the year, that means Upside until 2023 but i'm not putting aside that if BTC breaks EMA99 could be a BullTrap to then go to 15K.


LINK Analysis

Not much to say about LINK, has been holding pretty well in EMA56 just waiting for BTC to make a move, Link has clearly a great Buy Power, but is still an altcoin and that means if BTC goes down everyone panics and sell Link, at least we get great discounts.



BNB Analysis

BNB is that crypto that is always bullish haha, already test EMA500 and if BTC really goes up BNB is a good one to be bullish on, because this coin will Break EMA500 and after that is dreams coming truth.




AAVE Analysis

AAVE like LINK this one is just going sideways, making EMA56 a support would be great, after that if btc goes up this one has to break 115 to then go to 150.




Supertrend Indicator Daily and Weekly

BTC |  Weekly chart |   Down Trend |                         
       |  Daily chart     |    Up Trend    |                         
LINK  |  Weekly chart  | Down Trend  |                      
          |  Daily chart     |    UP Trend    |                        
BNB |  Weekly chart  |  Down Trend  |       
        |  Daily chart      |   UP Trend     |                        
AAVE |  Weekly chart  | Down Trend   |                         
          |  Daily chart     |    UP Trend     |                         



RSI Indicator

All of them above 50 that is very good and is a bullish sign, Bnb already starting a very powerfull uptrend, Link is going slow but this one is always slow until it breaks.











Suports and resistences

BTC |  Suport -> 19000$                    
       |  Resistance ->21000$          
LINK  |   Suport  ->  6.5$            
           |  Resistance ->7.2$                   
BNB   |  Suport  -> 265$
          |  Resistance ->  300$                
AAVE   |  Suport  -> 70$
            |  Resistance -> 85$                


Volume (in the last 7 days)

BTC | 245k->242k Lower.         
LINK |  3.7M->3.2M Lower.                 
BNB  |  250K->237K Lower.                  
AAVE  |  67K->104K Bigger.                  


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