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If you are following crypto chances are that you are looking weekly or most likely daily at some prices on some coins. I guess some cryptoholics just permanently have it up on a second screen of your computer or you even do when waking up in the middle of the night. You might also want to get the latest news in the crypto world or want to have something to track your portfolio.

One of the apps I use for these purposes is the CoinGecko app. You can, like many similar apps, check prices and make a favorite list. You can have different graphs for each coin. You can also configure portfolios that will update as market prices change.


So where or what are the freebies?

There is a daily allocation of “candies” in the app. And of course being daily they also made it that you get more for connecting on consecutive days. The first day will give you 20 candies and the last 20. I bet in the future they will also make airdrop or bounties for their candies as they are not a wallet nor do have any coins by themselves.


What are candies used for?

You can exchange your candies for many things. From free crypto, free accounts like a LoopRing LRC starter kit. You can also get discounts on selected hardware wallets. There were also limited Coingecko NFTs which I think are kind of cool. I like collecting novel stuff…

Other examples of things you can get, currently they offer a free book in PDF format about DEFI. Or you could get rebates on courses on platforms like Ivan on Tech Academy or discounts on Google Sheets plugin CryptoSheets or on an Santiment account. There are some swags as well from CoinGecko but lately from partners like ZCoin.

Ivan on Tech Academy offer in CoinGecko App


Bottom line is

It’s free and very easy to get. It is also open to anyone although I don't know for hardware wallets or other physical things if they can be shipped everywhere. Best way is to go have a look.

Also keep in mind that some of the I listed are out of stock as each has a limited quantity.

So hurry up to go collect candies and trade them for some goodies.


Get your CoinGecko app here:

For iOS:

For Android:


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