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Crypto Weather Broadcast #2 17.02.2023

Today is February 17th, 2023 Anno Domini.

Yesterday bright and warm light prepared us for todays drizzle. Not everything is wet though, and I hope you were also spared from the rain.


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Despite some faint red glow, we haven't sailed too far away from our upward destination. Our cool blue line got a hiccup but it also seems to be fine already. Bitcoin and Ethereum stand strong, not showing bad signs.


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Fear and Greed Index didn't go crazy, and it shows a healthy yellow/green color. Not my favorite if u ask me.

I hope you haven't sold your jacket after yesterdays broadcast, it may come in handy in the near future. 

Crypto market cap resides around 1.1 Trillion US Dollars, according to Coinmarketcap data. It means a unfrightening descent of approximately 2%.


I hope today was a good and productive day for you. It was for sure for many protocols, as their technical staff keeps up the good work and tries to deliver. I feel like nothing impactful will happen today, so you can enjoy your rest.

Do not forget to eat well, have a decent amount of sleep and of course, drink water. Remember, good mental shape matters.


Todays Top 100 winners are:


  • Filecoin(FIL)at #1 with a 24 hours increase of 33.46%


  • Internet Computer (ICP) at #2 with a 24 hours increase of 20.99%


  • And last but not least at #3 Klaytn(KLAY) with a 24 hours increase of 12.91%


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I hope you also were a winner today, and I wish you a good day. 

If you enjoyed this format please comment and share your opinion with me. 

I  wanted to know if you would enjoy if I also posted Todays Top 3 losers.


None of information in this article should be considered a financial advice, it's my own analysis and facts I wanted to share with this wonderful community.


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