Historical Moment for all investors!
stocks on the cheap

Historical Moment for all investors!

By fa113nstar | Crypto vs. Cash | 13 Mar 2020

Today has been an amazingly wild day fro all investors, wether in Crypto, Stocks, Forex, Commodities, and almost any exchange market. 

they have lost more in a single day then ever in the last 30 years. the prices in most cases are halved!

Now with that being said, I am not saying now is the time to go all in.

But it is the time to evaluate your positions, strengthen ones that where purchased high. Increase positions on favored investments and projects.

With bitcoin once again falling close to $4000 and having done so in the past before, you would be a fool to think it wouldn't recover once again. it will continue to climb and fall for the foreseeable future, until such time governments over regulate it.

Traditional Stocks are at a huge discount as well! why not purchase some blue chips on the cheap and reap the benefit as well. microsoft, ford, nvidia, amd, and more, all took huge hits. they aren't going anywhere and will be back to profitable in no time.

HODL your positions. you haven't lost a dime till you sell!

Have a great ride! I'm sure some millionaires will be made along the way!


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Crypto vs. Cash
Crypto vs. Cash

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