What is Planet Finance? $AQUA

What is Planet Finance? $AQUA

Let's start by talking about Hindsight Bias

I am pretty sure you all must have seen plethora of posts which talks about "Power Of Compounding/Investing" with the example quoted as if you had invested $1000 Apple in 1990s or Amazon stock in 2001 , or bought #Bitcoin in 2010 you'd have accumulated generational wealth.

Crude reality is all these things looks good on paper or motivational posts. Ask yourself in this age of openness/knowledge do you have the stomach to invest in bottom 20% companies listed on NASDAQ?

Why? The risk of losing capital is paramount and is not irrational.

What can be done?
I would suggest follow a framework/checklist approach to supplement your research and decision making.

Last Sunday i had faced the same dilemma.

Currently, #DeFi domain in #Crypto is very benefiting. The key here is to scout new strategies before they become mainstream. I invested $3k in a new project Planet Finance (AQUA)

Current TVL = $445 Million

Pros :
1) Tokenmetrics is appropriate ; 
Total Supply = 100,000 ;  Periodic Burns makes AQUA more scarce & deflationary.
Minting ends on November 18

2) Build on #BSC makes it low Fees

3) Website is piece of art -
Generally DeFi websites are ugly & non intuitive. I have used AAVE, COMP, BALANCER, PCS, etc
The UI is "human" a first timer will be able to seek his way.

4) Only player to have "transform function" which makes DeFi significantly easier
You need to have prior "bad experience" to appreciate this beauty called "transform"
A typical DeFi involves 6 steps as mentioned below

  1. Get token A
  2. Get token B
  3. Pool A & B
  4. Receive LP Token
  5. Deposit that LP Token at Harvest
  6. Stake LP Token

Planet Finance makes it:

  1. "Transform" a single token to get (A + B)LP
  2. Deposit LP

5) The Price of $AQUA coin matches growth of platform

6) Audited by Halborn and No red flags raised by RugDoc

An airdrop is coming

Hold minimum 1 AQUA token to be eligible for airdrop. 50 $GAMMA tokens would be distributed for every 1 AQUA 

Snapshot would be taken somewhere in October. Team hasn't given an official date.
The airdrop hasn't took place by the time of writing this article i.e. 16th October, 2021 , 10 AM (GMT)

1) $AQUA might do a rug pull & run away ( Generic risk of DeFi)
2) $AQUA might take price dump (Market Risk)
3) No of Twitter followers & Telegram group followers are almost same i.e. ~3500
4) Marketing isn't there

This is a Calculated Risk which if happens to go south will only financial loss and not any mental agony. Because I did all the checks and there were no unsystematic risks and β tends to 1

I won't lie and say I didn't get nervous or feel any jitters while taking the decision but that's why the research is important to back yourself up.
- Be aware 'what' exactly the risk is
- Have a reason to enter
- Exit strategy is important
- Never go ALL IN

Lastly, I'd rather have a loss than a hindsight reflection
"What if..."

Final Judgement =  Planet Finance is on the right path to become next YFI

Website =  https://planetfinance.io/

Telegram = https://t.me/planet_finance

Twitter = https://twitter.com/planet_finance

Docs - https://docs.planetfinance.io/






^_^ Have Fun Guys! All the best to DeFi participants.

FabPure - https://fab-pure.medium.com/


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Explain to me like a 5-yr old
Explain to me like a 5-yr old

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