Cryptogems: if you have never seen $VIDT, better to open your eyes

By Senzacervello | Crypto Vagabond | 14 Aug 2020

The world of cryptocurrencies is definitely overpopulated. According to the data provided by Coingecko, there are about 5.900 coins/tokens around and it can be hard to find the project that will be the next bright star in the firmament.

In this crowdy space, if you search well, you can find anyway true gems here and there, assuming you are looking for something that is not only the daily big gainer in price.

$VIDT (V-Id Blockchain) is one of these jewels and it is a project that is worth to follow. Their business is document certification and they do that via blockchain. I think there is no need to describe the business in detail: whoever has a job somewhere is well aware that document certification and validation is a big topic in almost all industries. It is a multibillion business all over the world and it will grow even more with the expansion of the digital economy.

In respect of many other projects, V-ID is already a working company generating revenues and has established huge partnerships: IBM for the Internet of Environment, AirBus and AmSpec (Oil and gas inspection) just to mention some.

How it actually works is well explained in this short video

The ecosystem of V-ID is based on its $VIDT token, used to pay fees for the validation transactions. VIDT is both an ERC20 token (deployed on Ethereum) and a BEP2 Token (deployed on the Binance chain). The token is present on both chains with the same supply.

Is it worth investing money in it?

The answer to this question, at least from my point of view, is obvious and it is yes. For the kind of business they do, the token seems to be still undervalued. At the time of writing 1 $VIDT is worth 0.630126 EUR with a total market cap of 29,2 million euro. Their tokenomics include the systematic buyback and burn of tokens to reduce inflation and grant constantly new space for circulating assets appreciation. Their numbers talk clearly. The token reached its ATH recently and is showing a great attitude to transform each new height into the next support. Here below the chart of the token’s performance from January to today


In general, is never a good idea to enter a project when the asset is at its ATH, but I think that the current price is extremely far from where the actual ATH will be. Is not a financial advise or analysis, but simply an opinion I built considering their stage of development and the constant increase of partnerships they are announcing.

The project is solid and the team has proven to be able to deliver fats and reliable solutions. If you are looking for something really promising to invest in, $VIDT should be for sure in your shopping list.

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