Likecoin VS Livecoin

By Crypto Universal | Crypto Universal | 18 Jul 2020

The marriage that worked for the Likes family

I confess I was surprised when I found my lost Likecoin wallet.
With a channel with just over 20 videos, to my surprise, Likes were being computed, how the platform works, it pays you for each likes received in your videos when adding a type of savings that you don't have to worry about, either better deal than that?



LIkecoin Savings


For your videos to start monetizing it is very easy, just have a YouTube channel and in the video editing part paste your link below the videos ready now just wait for monetization, the platform also has a dissemination link as well as others, how do I withdraw my Likecoin? The marriage was perfect with Exchange Livecoin to which you can transfer your winnings and exchange for other cryptocurrencies. Likecoin's Last Known Price is $ 0.003752 USD and fell - 2.32% in the Last 24 hours. It is currently being traded in 3 active markets with $ 575.44 traded at Coinmarketcap. So since Google Adsense takes a lifetime to monetize your videos the best way has been

💗 Likecoin – Coins for Likes: Likecoin good deals and good luck.

Luis Nascimento

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