BIUT, What is the PC-MINER?

By FelizLucky | Crypto-tricks | 20 Sep 2019

On September 12, 2019. BIUT, Bit trust system, launched its software-PC-MINER. Before they launch the PC-MINER. Rasing discussion from their Chinese Community and global community. “BIUT technical team keep fixing the bugs in software” , according to one user who used the pre-release version PC-MINER said.


What is BIUT?

The official introduction of BIUT. Bit Trust System is an electronic trust system that is completely implemented by peer-to-peer technology. It is a system-level trust program based on blockchain and algorithm implementation. It ensures that both parties to a transaction can complete transactions online through algorithms without any centralization organization. Just like it said, BIUT is designed for solving the trust problem in multiple transactions. It may remind us that the creation of Bitcoin. Bitcoin solved the one-way information transfer trust problem, nevertheless, BIUT resolves the two-way information transfer problem.

What is the PC-MINER?

PC-MINER is a mining software developed by BIUT technical team. A miner can easily mine BIU or build its own mining pool on a computer or laptop. All you have to do is lock-up BIUT and start mining. The mining amount is related to computational power and the lock-up amount.

How to start?

PC-MINER mining is very simple, the first step, create a wallet. Second, mortgage BIUT. The last step, start mining.

Once complete the installation, you need to create a mining wallet. This step needs you to fill the invitation code. There are only 10000 invitation codes. The primary invitation codes were holding in some Chinese community members. Only join their community, can get an invitation code. Once you create your own wallet and then mortgage 10000 BIUT, you will get your own invitation code. The wallet is for you to mining. You can track your BIUT amount and BIU mining amount. With available 10000 BIUT to mortgage, you can start mining. Only 500000 BIUT, you can build your own mining pool.


It is not like the BTC mining. BIUT combine POW and POS mining model. It is similar to BTC at some point. But also has big differences. The mining of BIUT has double rewards. You mining 1 BIU and the Foundations will reward you the same amount BIU. If you invite someone to mine, you will also get a referral bonus.


Miner(Single node):Mortgage 10000 BIUT on PC-MINER to be a mining node. 


  1. Mining BIU
  2. Foundations  BIU rewards
  3. Directly referral bonus 8% BIUT, indirect referral bonus 3% (2 levels)

Mining pool 

Miner:Chose one mining pool to join by mortgage 10000 BIUT via web mining page (


  1. No need for mining by yourself.
  2. Pay a 10% BIU mining amount to the mining pool owner as a service fee.
  3. Directly referral bonus 8% BIUT, indirect referral bonus 3% (2 levels)

Mining pool owner: firstly, mortgage 10000 BIUT become a single node, and then mortgage 500000 BIUT to open your own mining pool. (PC-MINER)


  1. Mining BIU
  2. Foundations BIU rewards
  3. Directly invite someone to join your own mining pool will get 11% BIUT referral bonus. Indirect referral bonus 3%
  4. 10% BIU mining service fees.

Long term project?

     BIUT’s Main net has been stability launched for about 5 months. And since PC-MINER launched on September 12, eight mining pools have been built. It has reached its 0.08% mining pool goal. Besides, BIUT also supported by famous funds and two ecology companies. All of this support them to keep exploring in the blockchain.











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