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Not too late to catch up the crypto train!

By Laurentiu Artugyan | Crypto Traveler | 28 Apr 2021

I’m quite a new player in the crypto market. Even if I heard about Bitcoin few years ago, I haven’t the idea to do some research in this field. At the beginning I wasn’t very convinced about this domain, but after getting enough information I became quite interested in this domain – a domain that seems to be part of the future of our society. However, as a newbie I had to confront with various opinions about the cryptocurrency market in 2021. There were many opinions telling that the „crypto train” has left the railway station many years ago and the opportunity to invest into this market has gone.

Crypto train

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Getting familiarized with “crypto railway station”

While I was dealing with my research regarding the cryptocurrency market I’ve analyzed the price evolution during the last years and I was almost convinced that I’ve missed this train because most of the coins that were highly promoted online were at their highest prices. But after I’ve made more research and after I invested more time to read about various projects, I’ve discovered that there are plenty of other opportunities available in the crypto market, besides Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Litecoin. Accordingly, I’ve decide to dive into this new domain for me and I’ve start to invest in numerous coins. I’ve started with those cryptocurrencies that have convinced me by their projects and by the team behind those projects.


So, for those who have discovered recently the possibility to invest in the cryptocurrency market, the good news is that is not too late. Even if you may consider that you have lost „Bitcoin train”, „MakerDAO train” or „Ethereum train”, there are thousands of other coins that could be bought nowadays at low or very low prices. More than 9,000 cryptocurrencies are available on the market according to CoinMarketCap. The crypto market is like a huge railway station and there are still so many opportunities. You may find a that choosing which train to get among this huge number of cryptos is quite challenging.


Plenty of crypto assets having "PROFIT" as destination

If the Bitcoin ticket is too expensive nowadays, then you can pay attention to other projects that could increase their values in the coming years. When you can’t afford to buy a ticket to a certain destination, it doesn’t mean that you have to be blocked where are you now. You can buy the tickets that you may afford now and start the journey. Moreover, good news in crypto market is that there are times when you can find important discounts, meaning that if you couldn’t buy a certain crypto few months ago, there are periods when the market is at very low prices.

Cryptocurrency railway station

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Another good news is that you can purchase a “crypto train” as “installments”. So you can buy a fraction of those coins that are at very high prices for your budget and in time you may own in your wallet one entire coin. Furthermore, while there are several cryptocurrencies highly promoted and pushed in front of the public, you may discover some projects that are evolving step by step and that are very promising. So you can pay attention and invest in those projects.


Conclude remarks

I consider that even if the crypto market has some years behind and there are many projects that have evolved during these years, there are even more years staying in front of us. So, if you are asking yourself is you have missed the crypto train or you regret that you haven’t jumped into Bitcoin train earlier, you should now that you still have the opportunity to get into one of those thousands of trains waiting into the “crypto railway station”. Crypto “trains” are available for everyone and for every budget. And the departure table has plenty of options.


You just have to do your own research before diving into this stuff because it implies your money and your savings. Accordingly, you should be well informed when you decide which train or trains that are in the “crypto railway station” is going into the profit direction. Moreover, you should pay attention to buy tickets only according to your budget, because there is the risk to put your money into those trains that are cancelling their departures and in crypto there are no refunds when this happens.


I wish everyone that decide or has decided to catch up the crypto train to enjoy the this journey and reach the desired destination – PROFIT. What do you think, there is still time to catch up this crypto train? Finally, if you consider that this post could be helpful for those who are not convinced to dive into crypto market or for those who consider that they have lost this train, please don’t hesitate to share with them this post.


Disclosure: This is not an advice to invest in cryptocurrencies; this is just my personal opinion and experience. Readers are encouraged to conduct further research before taking any action.

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