Receive free COSB tokens with CosBall Airdrop

By goldenforex | Crypto trading signals | 16 Aug 2019

Cosball is airdropping 100,000 USD of COSB tokens Solely with AirdropRating.

COSBALL is the world's previously customized every day restorative arrangement. Through the Cosball skin scanner and portable application,

a client's close to home skin profile is made. In light of that profile, the clients will get every day modified dispensable restorative containers obliged their skin type.

- Max 20,000 members.

- Asserting the airdrop with various records is carefully precluded.

- Simple KYC earlier token conveyance.

- Confined nations: Singapore, North Korean, South Korean, USA and China (IPs will be checked before token circulation).

Do every one of the assignments beneath and win $4.5 of COSB tokens. Snatch an extra $0.1 COSB for each referral (max 50 referrals for every client)



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Crypto trading signals
Crypto trading signals

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