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By jeromebernard | Crypto Trading Bots | 15 Sep 2020


I have recently discovered Kryll and I wanted to start sharing my feedback on this trading bots platform and my results using it.

In short, Kryll provides a way to create your own bot strategies without any coding knowledge. On top of that, those strategies can be provided on their marketplace (the creator of the strategy choosing how much he wants to be paid).

In order to test either your strategy or one provided on the marketplace, you should (highly recommended!!) run back-tests on various time frames to understand how the strategy behaves.

Four things are important when running back-tests:

  • the trading pair, obviously: if you are testing a strategy available on the marketplace, you'll see suggested pairs
    TIP: if you click on the trading pair link, it will automatically choose it from the list of available pairs!
  • the exchange to use: Binance is a good idea for liquidity reasons
    TIP: if you already have an account, it should still be wise to create another one in order to get 20% kickback, as explained on Kryll blog:
  • the initial amount of tokens the strategy will start with: again read the strategy description but most of the time, it's better/safer to start full USDT or BTC depending on your trading pair.
  • the time frame for the back-test: do multiple tests such as a long time frame, a brutal bear market, a huge bull pump, slow but long bear, etc.
    WARNING: running back-tests can take a while, especially if your time frame is rather big, and even more if you are testing day trading strategies.

If you run Maya for about the last 3 months, you'll see trades (buy & sell) on the graphs. Keep in mind though that this is not necessarily full buy or sell.


Next, if we have a look at the Logs tab, we will see details about all those trades.


Moreover, we can see as well at the end the cost for running this strategy (in KRL tokens) as well as Binance fees.

Next, on the Analysis tab, we can see many things, but usually we focus on the Strategy Result as well as the Performance Analysis.
Here we can see that the strategy got a +69.571% result vs a +53.503% if you bought and hold your ETH.
We can see as well that this strategy would have generated +80.34 USDT. Not bad from 500 $USDT over 3 months.



In the next articles, I will explain how to run for live a strategy, where to buy KRL tokens in order to reduce fees and after that another article will begin displaying my running strategies and how I manage them.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to start using Kryll until the next articles, you are welcomed to use my referral link which will provide you a 30% rebate on KRL fees for two weeks:



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Crypto Trading Bots

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