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ZachXBT alerts about LeaperFinance and other news

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 14 Apr 2024

ZachXBT alerts about LeaperFinance

    A new project called LeaperFinance has launched on the Blast Network.

According to LeaperFinance, it is a decentralised lending protocol, but according to crypto tracker ZachXBT, it is a group of scammers who previously stole several hundred million dollars from Magnet, Kokomo, Lendora, Soulfire, etc.

ZachXBT claims that they (LeaperFinance) added $1 million liquidity, which they obtained from the previous heist.



Ethereum Whale Dumping

     According to data from Lookonchain, during the market decline, four whales or institutions dumped 31,683 ETH. These four whales are:

  • Cumberland (17,206 ETH), 
  • 0xC3f8 (7,976 ETH), 
  • 0x1717 (4,000 ETH), 
  • Alameda/FTX (2,500 ETH).

Most of the dumping has been done on Binance.


  Winklevoss' Bitcoin Investment for RBF

   The Winklevoss Twins of Gemini recently invested $4.5 million in Peter McCormack's British football club, Real Bedford (RBFC). The investment was made in Bitcoin and will be utilised to further develop the club. 


  100% APY by HTX Earn for CGPT

     HTX offers a 100% APY for the Chat GPT token $CGPT. For this, HTX has issued 2,500,000 CGPT tokens for the APY budget. Users must invest for a minimum of 7 days, with no early redemption allowed.


 Crypto in Vietnam

     Government of Vietnam has no plan to ban crypto. Vietnam's Finance Ministry is ordred to develop a legal framework for crypto by May 2025. Vietnam's central bank is also studying crypto to prevent money laundering.


International Incident 

South Korea: Crypto friendly Democrat Party won the election.

US: Crypto unfriendly Democrat Party is losing public support.

Conclusion : People are voting Crypto, not party.



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