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Welcome to the Bitcoin Halving week

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 15 Apr 2024


 Welcome to the Bitcoin Halving week

     This week, Bitcoin will complete its halving, and mining will become more difficult than ever.

     Bears are anyhow able to attack Bitcoin bulls, but bulls might get halving fodder to outshine bears.

Halving Time Countdown






  Lookonchain tracked SOL whales' trade

   According to the data of Lookonchain, after the market dropped, whales buy Solana memecoins $SLERF, $BOME and $boden.

    Whale 4eocFb of Kucoin spent 2,055 $SOL to buy 500,979 $boden at ($0.59).
    Whale 9CjKf5 of Binance spent 7,812 $SOL to buy 4.86M $SLERF at ($0.23), and spent another 4,623 $SOL to buy 67.53M $BOME at ($0.0098).


 ZachXBT beat the scam gang 

  Crypto tracker ZachXBT alerted people yesterday about a group of scammers attempting to defraud people in the name of a lending protocols: 

  • LeaperFinance on the Blast network.
  • ZebraLending on the Base network.
  • GloriFinance on the Arbitrum network. 

The result was that those scammers disappeared after deactivating those three scam protocols. Those scammers may return again, so people should be on high alert. 



  IRS is after Bitcoin

  Guy Ficco, director of criminal investigations for the IRS, told CNBC in a recent interview that the IRS is working with blockchain analytics startup Chainalysis and other law enforcement organizations to take action against the rise in Bitcoin tax evasion cases.

 Hong Kong OTC got BTC and ETH

  Only Bitcoin and Ethereum are included in Hong Kong's OTC licensing system; Hong Kong's crypto industry associations have also sought to exempt stablecoins. Hong Kong has introduced KYC provision for transfer of HK$8k, this has been opposed.  



  KuCoin doubles airdrop for loyal users

   KuCoin has doubled its $10M gratitude airdrop scheme to $20M, under which, within 5 days, 10 rounds of airdrops in BTC worth $20M will be given to 3 million users. Only those users will be eligible for this scheme whose net deposit amount did not become zero from March 26 to March 28 (i.e. deposited, but did not withdraw the entire deposit). Full Details  

BRC20 Crypto Team Battle by GateIo is organizing the BRC20 Crypto Team Battle.

Team A consists of $ORDI, $CKB, $MUBI

Team B includes $SATS, $SAVM, $BSVBRC

A $25,000 prize pool has been put in place for users to support their favorite team by joining them.              


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