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Vitalik Buterin is using Railgun and other news

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 16 Apr 2024

Vitalik Buterin in Railgun EVM 

     According to crypto analyst Colin Wu (Wu Blockchain), Vitalik Buterin has been transferring small amounts of ETH to Railgun every month for the past six months. Railgun is an EVM privacy protocol that enables DeFi private transactions; it is considered the main alternative to the sanctioned Tornado Cash. The North Korean hacker group Lazarus Group also uses railguns.



Wrong circulation of FDUSD in Binance launchpool

   Crypto analyst Colin Wu has presented the fact that the OMNI FDUSD pool running on Binance Launchpool has twice the total circulation of FDUSD.

  • Deposits in the OMNI FDUSD Pool: 6 billion FDUSD
  • First Digital's official FDUSD Circulation: 3.97 billion FDUSD

The crypto world is shocked by this fact. If FDUSD were not a stablecoin, its value could go negative.

   Binance has defended itself, calling it a display error, as well as reducing the amount deposited into Launchpool to 3.189 billion FDUSD.

Many analysts are not satisfied with this explanation, claiming that the misrepresentation is evidence of Binance not conducting proper audits.


Chinese firms are approved in Hongkong ETF

     Hong Kong has approved select Chinese firms such as China Asset Management, Bosera Capital, Hashkey Capital Limited, etc. for Bitcoin and Ethereum spot ETFs. Hong Kong could be the new destination for the Chinese crypto industry.


OKX going MEME

     OKX has listed a good number of memecoins; the reason is not clear, but crypto experts believe that the rise of the memecoin market has attracted exchanges. This might affect the market because OKX is the second largest offshore exchange after Binance. 


Justin Bons alerts people on L2

       According to Justin Bons, founder of the Netherlands-based Cyber Capital Funds, all of the top L2s have admin keys, which makes them capable of stealing users' funds at any time. Bons does not trust even Ethereum.


LBBW bank's crypto partnership with Bitpanda

     Germany’s biggest federal bank LBBW (Landesbank Baden-Württemberg) is planning to offer crypto custody services in partnership with the crypto exchange Bitpanda.

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