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Trillon dollar USDT Empire and other news

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 5 Mar 2024

Trillon dollar USDT Empire

USDT Reaches 1T

     According to whale tracker Whale Alert, 1 billion USDT has again been minted in the Tether treasury. Records from Coingeco and CoinMarketCap show that more than 1 trillion USDT are in circulation, with a market cap of over $1 trillion.

Tether's new recovery tool

     Tether operates on multiple blockchains; there is a risk of technical difficulties in transactions between blockchains, for which Tether has established an "official recovery tool." that will provide a user-friendly migration process.






Bitcoin bulls have crushed the bears badly

     We have seen Bitcoin winters when bears were crushing Bitcoin; now we are seeing Bitcoin sacrificing the bears. Bitcoin could make a new ATH any time now. Its old ATH 69044.77 was made in November 2021.

Bukele Mocks anti Bitcoinists

     El Salvador's Bitcoin treasury is greatly benefiting from the sharp rise in the value of Bitcoin. On this occasion, Nayib Bukele has ridiculed those writing against Bitcoin. Bukele posted a meme of a waiting skull with the comment "still waiting."



Memecoins winning Bull race

     Memecoins have emerged as the big winners in a surprising race for the bulls. Investors who invested in Memecoins have come away with more profits compared to Bitcoin. However, many memecoins have also been victims of bears.

Ripple CTO Mocks SEC on Tesla

     Ripple CTO David Schwartz has taken a dig at the SEC regarding the perception of the expected price increase of Elon Musk's company Tesla, whose profitability is contrary to the criteria for identifying unregistered securities set by the SEC. Schwartz tweeted, asking the SEC why Tesla is not selling unregistered securities.

Fantom Foundation has won the case against Multichain Foundation in Singapore

     The Singapore High Court has ordered Multichain Foundation to pay compensation to Fantom Foundation.

Fantom filed that compensation petition when Multichain suffered huge losses due to the Chinese police's interference in July 2023, which resulted in huge losses. Now Fantom may file a petition for the liquidation of Multichain under Chapter 7 in the US.

Bryan Chu is WOO X CPO

     Former Credit Suisse official Bryan Chu is appointed as CPO (Chief Product Officer) for crypto exchange WOO X Global.   

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