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Token 2049 Even in Dubai ends successfully

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 21 Apr 2024


Token 2049 ended in Dubai and preparing for Singapore

    The Token 2049 event was a success, despite the fact that Dubai was in the news all over the world due to flooding; the largest Web3 event was held there. The crypto sector delivered an impressive presentation, with big corporations and startups both playing important roles. Congratulations to everyone who benefited from the event, and thank you for being in this sector.






Telegram, Tether, TOP & Wallet partnership

     Recently, at the TOKEN2049 event in Dubai, Pavel Durov (Telegram), Paolo Ardoino (Tether), and Andrew Rogozov (TOP & Wallet) announced a partnership, which will help Telegram's TON.

Due to this partnership:- USDT is now available on the TON network. No fees for USDT withdrawals on the TON network (till the end of June). The TON Foundation will help this partnership with 11M Toncoin.

This will help Telegram users with easy cross-border payments (not available for US users due to political pressure).

Full Details on Telegram



Dr. Gavin Wood presents JAM at the Token2049 event in Dubai

     Dr. Gavin Wood, known for publishing the Ethereum Yellowpaper in 2014 and the Polkadot Whitepaper in 2016, has released the JAM Graypaper in 2024.

 JAM is a permissionless and decentralised hybrid system that combines the advantages of Polkadot and Ethereum. For DOT fans, JAM is the structural unit of Polkadot 2.0, replacing the relay chain.

JAM GrayPaper by Dr. Gavin Wood







Mining ban in Angola


     When your politicians are so stupid, you will be declared criminal. Government of Angola has recently banned Crypto mining (in effect since April 10, 2024. Angola is Africa's third largest oil producer and was best alternative for Bitcoin miners. Chinese Embassy in Angola has warned Chinese Miners about Angola's mining ban. Miners will face 12 years jail term in Angola. What a stupid Government.

CONCLUSION: Angola is going to be a failed state in technology, economy, computer science, and maths.


Post Bitcoin Halving 

  Post Halving is RUNE

   Rune is famous for the Bitcoin Halving Project, but I did not understand this thing. I have to check it more and more to understand it. 

  Coin Market Cap itself is promoting Rune, and it seems Rine projects are going to be listed in the crypto market. 




 ZKasino Scam?

     ZigZag had previously claimed the crypto betting platform ZKasino as a scam, now it is there. Users of ZKasino are unable to withdraw. The official ZKasino Telegram is gone (mentioned as banned). However, ZKasino claims that is it delayed going live due to listing.

CZ created word FUD was used too.


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