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The return of the Bitcoin whitepaper on Bitcoincoreorg

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 25 May 2024



The return of the Bitcoin whitepaper on Bitcoincoreorg


     According to Bitcoinorg maintainer Hennadii Stepanov, the return of the Bitcoin whitepaper on Bitcoincoreorg.

The faketoshi story in brief

     In 2021, Craig Wright won a case in the UK against Cøbra, the anonymous organisation that administers Bitcoinorg. As a result, Bitcoinorg had to remove the Bitcoin whitepaper. In March 2024, the UK High Court refused to acknowledge Craig Wright as Satoshi Nakamoto, thus the Bitcoin whitepaper is re-uploaded on Bitcoincoreorg.



US Crypto Industry might support Trump

    Trump's campaign is accepting crypto donation, and this is not limited to just Bitcoin or Ethereum, Trump is accepting all cryptos in donation. This could also lead to altcoin developers trying to make an influence by investing in US politics. The Crypto Industry now has a welcome reason for Trump.


 Reached 4k CMC diamonds

    Today I completed 4k CMC diamonds, but I do not receive any benefits; I'm simply collecting them and waiting for the proper time, when CMC will put any value to redeem, or something that will become valuable later.


 Kucoin's 100 USDT Cash event offer to all Indian users

     A new offer has been added to Kucoin's attractive offers to attract Indian users, kucoin is giving a gift of up to 100 USDT to user, but it does not seem that it has been very successful in attracting Indian crypto users.



  • MON Giveaway : $50k token Airdrop by Gateio. Last date: May 27.
  • VT Giveaway : $30k token Airdrop by Gateio. Last date: May 28.
  • MYT Giveaway : $70k token Airdrop by Gateio. Last date: May 30.


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