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SBF lawyers plead for short sentence and other news

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 20 Mar 2024

Scam Bankmane-Fraud


SBF Lawyers pleading for short sentence

    Although prosecutors in the SBF case are seeking a longer sentence, the defense lawyers are requesting a maximum sentence of 6.5 years at the request of letters from SBF's parents, close aides and former FTX employees.






Polygon, Immutable, and King River form a $100 million IGF for P2E

   MATIC developer Polygon Labs has partnered with Web3 gaming firm Immutable and Venture Capital firm King River to develop a new project in Web3 gaming. A $100 million IGF (Inevitable Games Fund) has been formed for the same.



KuCoin ZK Listing Campaign

   Kucoin has listed Polyhedra (ZK) a $59k listing campaign is announced in ZK token prize pool , The timing of campaign is between March 19th and 26th (10:00 UTC). Reward will be distributed between winners of Trading, Newbies, Affiliate, Bot, AMA, and Twitter Giveaway campaigns.



Record-breaking $SLRF bull hit by wolf, not bear

    Solana-based SLRF becomes the first memecoin to overtake stablecoin by crossing $1. But, the SLERF project accidentally burned all Liquidity provider tokens, while ts mint authority is revoked; leaving SLRF in danger. However, donors and some CEX platforms are helping SLRF community by donating. SLERF has chosen LBank Exchange (its first donor) as its donation custodian.

Slerfsol Bulls

    The amazing bull run of Solana-based memecoins is not stopping. Slerfsol Memecoin overtook Ethereum exchanges in trading volume within its first day of existence to become one of the top Memecoins.



Ghostface Killah music as NFT on Ordinals

   Rapper Ghostface Killah just inscribed his newest music on Bitcoin Ordinals, making a legendary move in the music industry, which is welcomed by the Bitcoin community.


SEC has postponed approval of Spot ETH ETF

 Companies are now increasing pressure on the SEC to recognise Spot Ethereum ETFs in order to make more profits. Anti-crypto lawmakers are increasing pressure on the SEC to not recognise any new crypto ETFs or any ETPs at all. The SEC is torn between money power and muscle power. Now SEC will make decision in May 2024  



Blackrock for Digital Token

   BlackRock is now world's largest asset manager, it has filed to launch a tokenized private equity fund to expand its footprint in digital assets, but it will require outside investors to put up a minimum of $100,000, as BlackRock has demonstrated its wealth.  

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