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Mt. Gox payback hits Bitcoin with bear

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 30 May 2024

Mt. Gox payback hits Bitcoin with bear

     Wallets linked with the now-defunct Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox initiated a transfer of over 138k BTC. The payments were transferred to the same wallets used to invest in Mt. Gox, thus receivers may experience issues if they lose their previous wallets. Mt. Gox's actions fueled bear red juice, causing Bitcoin values to tumble below $68k.



Consensus2024 Begins

     Crypto media CoinDesk is holding Consensus2024 in Austin, Texas. Consensus2024 is a wider levels discourse in the cryptoverse that encompasses all aspects of digital assets, blockchain, and web3. Timing of Consensus2024 is May 29 to May 31.




Ripple donates $25m to FairShake

    Ripple Labs has donated an additional $25 million to the crypto political action committee FairShake; so far Ripple has donated nearly $100 million to FairShake. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has publicly praised this donation, and he intends to donate more. I think it is better to fund pro-crypto political campaigns rather than be punished by anti-crypto politicians.



  • Trading Campaign$18k in WSDM Token by HTX. Time schedule: Between May 28 and June 11. 
  • Trading Campaign: $10k in JAM Token by Kucoin. Time schedule: Between May 27 and June 1.
  • CPT Giveaway : $2k Token Airdrop by Gateio ($40 for 50 winners).
  • HDRO Giveaway : $30k token Airdrop by Gateio. Last date: May 30.
  • ELIX Giveaway : $70k token Airdrop by Gateio. Last date: May 30.
  • Vote to Earn : $2k Token Airdrop by Gateio. Voting date:- May 27 to June 2.
  • AMA Giveaway : $2k EoF token Airdrop by HTX. 
  • Daily:-Trade to Earn : $200k USDT Airdrop (daily campaign) by HTX. Trade BTC/USDT. 

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