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Coinbase to collect crypto donation for Trump's election campaign

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 24 May 2024


 Coinbase to collect crypto donation for Trump's election campaign

     Trump will accept Crypto Donation for his presidential campaign. According to CNBC, this donation will be through Coinbase Commerce, and will be reported as an "in-kind donation", just like stocks.

     This could make Coinbase politically influential, with government agencies like the SEC having to be more vigilant.

 There is a flaw in Coinbase Commerce 

   Coinbase Commerce does not support Bitcoin transactions unless they are made through a Coinbase wallet. Hensforth, Bitcoinists who do not use Coinbase will be unable to contribute to Trump. 




ETH WHALE & GAMBLING user panic sold Ethereum

     According to Lookonchain data, a whale user "panic sold" 7921 $ETH for 29.7M $USDT ($3,754 each). However, I think that was a nice move, there is a reason.

  • Lookonchain itself informs that whale is a user of, which is a gambling site, and it is better for users to not to stake too much in gambling.
  • Moreover, Ethereum is playing between $3.6k - $3.9k, there is no panic as value is still seesaw.





Ethereum Spot ETF Approved

    Bitcoin Spot ETF was approved on January 10th, 2024. After 4 months and 13 days, Ethereum Spot ETF has been approved in the US. (Approval date F: May 23rd, 2024).




OKX withdraws from HK VASP license 


     OKX has announced that it will withdraw Hong Kong's VASP licence application and stop providing services to Hong Kong citizens by May 31, 2024.

     ० Unwelcome to HongKong: Binance already ceased its application, and OKX has now followed suit. Two major offshore exchanges have said their goodbyes to Hong Kong.

     ० Wallet Service will stay: OKX Web3 wallet service is unaffected because it is self-hosted.


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