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Binance and Binance Labs parted ways and other news

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 16 Mar 2024


Binance Labs is not Binance's arm

     According to new reports, Binance Labs, known as Binance's venture capital and incubation arm, is actually not a part of Binance Group. Binance Labs has also admitted this on its website. I think Binance may have separated Binance Labs as part of its strategy to avoid political controversies.




FTX Boss Scam Bankmane-Fraud 


SBF sentence

     Lawyers of Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) urged that upto six and half year sentence is enough for SBF, while prosecutor want 40-50 years. Now ball is in Judge Lewis Kaplan's court.


US SEC in action 

SEC sues more CryptoFX officials 

     SEC has recently filed a case against total of 17 people associated with crypto scam CryptoFX, which is accused of scamming $300M from 40k people in 10 US states. SECs only good work is to target scammers.



Whale Mr. 100 bought all 900 BTC mined on March 14th

     HODL 15 Capital reports that Bitcoin whale Mr. 100 bought all 900 freshly minted Bitcoins on March 14, I think that this led to the devaluation of Bitcoin in the market, which also gave many people the opportunity to buy the dip below $70k.


Memecoin launch

Avalanche Memecoins

     The Avalanche Foundation has released five themed memecoins on the Avalanche blockchain – $KIMBO, $COQ, $GEC, $TECH, and $NOCHILL.


New Listing Campaign 

Kucoin's AITECH Listing Campaign

     Kucoin has listed Solidus Ai Tech ($AITECH), and announced a $59k worth $AITECH tokens in listing giveaway campaign. Eligible users will earn for deposit, trading, bringing affiliates, participating in AMA and Twitter space; eligible newbies will also be rewarded. Campaign timing is between March 15th and 22nd (10:00 UTC).


Trade 2 Earn 

BEE Trading contest by Gates dot io

     Gates has launched $5k worth $BEE token Trading contest, the time of event is between March 16 and 21 (2 AM UTC). Minimum trading for reward eligibility is $50 worth $BEE.


Wallet Update

Binance Web3 wallet integrates Solana

     Binance's Web3 wallet has integrated Solana allowing wallet users to seamlessly access $SOL including management, trading, access to Solana's dApps, and airdrops. This new feature requires users to update their wallet and activate their $SOL wallet.


Hack Attack

NFPrompt in action after attack

     Hackers gained control of certain wallets on NFPrompt, a Binance's Launchpool project. NFPrompt is not negotiating, instead notified the FBI for assistance and main exchanges to freeze stolen assets, as well as taking help of Web3 security to track hackers.


International Incident 

New law for DIFC

     The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the UAE's tax-free special economic zone for cryptocurrency, has announced the implementation of a new digital assets law in accordance with international developments.


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